How Often Should You Blog, Anyway?

We make a point of meeting with our clients on a monthly basis, not only to review our work and metrics over time but to catch up with the client e.g. new products and services, upcoming events, exciting news and developments, etc, etc. My most frequent response is, “So, did you blog about it?” Blogs […]

How to Choose the Writing Style for your Company Blog

Producing a blog for a company website can be a difficult process, but everything falls into place after choosing a voice. The blog is representative of the company. It may be approachable, official, friendly, casual, or a combination. The key to determining the right voice for a company blog is to choose how the company should […]

The Ins and Outs of Nonprofit Content Marketing

When analyzing your nonprofit marketing campaign, what does your content marketing portray? Does it include your nonprofit’s message? Are corresponding visuals a part of your content? Storytelling is Key for Nonprofit Content Marketing. What story do you want to tell? When you have an engaging story to tell, others will listen. Your story should include […]

Writing Skills That Still Matter in an Abbreviated World

Guest post by Kate Galambos People have access to information today more than ever before. It is no longer enough to have consistent content across multiple channels. Instead, professionals need to stand out amongst the endless sea of information. The first step toward writing copy that breaks through the information overload is to write well. […]

How to add Google Tag Manager to Shopify Checkout

To add Google Tag Manager to your Shopify Checkout Page Log in to the Admin interface Go to the “Online Store” option and select “Preferences” Under the “Google Analytics” section, Select “Add custom JavaScript” Add your GTM code, and be sure to exclude the script tags (Shopify will enclose the content you enter in script […]