Ideas & Suggestions: How to Make the Most of Google Ads With Drafts & Experiments

Google Ads is constantly rolling out new features; it’s safe to say it’s difficult to know what functionality is worth adopting while others are simply bells and whistles. Furthermore, one feature may boost results in one industry and completely flatline them in another.  One new feature I think the majority of campaigns, if not all, […]

38 Basic Marketing Terms Every Business Owner Should Know

In the past, we made a comprehensive glossary defining digital marketing terms we often use when working with clients to describe SEO metrics, website traffic, paid social metrics, and Google Ads.  If you’re new to this whole thing, there may be lots of other fundamental marketing terms that you don’t know. It’s never fun to […]

Market Analysis for the Analytical Marketer

The term “digital marketing analytics” covers any sort of tool or service that identifies the ranking and performance of a site, typically providing advice for how these can be improved. For any business owner starting a digital marketing campaign, knowing the basics of market analysis can help increase sales, site traffic, and user engagement. Whether you […]

Amazon Smile Prime Day & Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Amazon Smile is a great program for any non profit marketing plan. Smile allows nonprofits to obtain funding from purchases their supporters make on Amazon. The AmazonSmile donation percent is small, roughly 0.5% of a purchaser’s cart, but it’s essentially free funding with minimal effort to set up. As today is Amazon PRIME day, there will be […]