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Top 10 Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

We won’t make you nonprofits read a terribly long intro – we like to keep it simple and straight-forward.

  1. First things first, be honest and be yourself
    People are more likely to engage with open and forthright organizations than those that are buttoned up and calculated.
  2. Define and use your value proposition in your marketing materials
    Use this guy to get started:
    For [target market], [brand] is the [category or frame of reference] that [point of difference] because [support or reason to believe].
    For example, a shameless plug here:
    For nonprofits, Intellitonic is the marketing agency that improves online presence and increases engagement because of their personal historical work with nonprofits and continuous search for best practices.
  3. Any kind of story telling
    How have donations or volunteers helped your cause? If your organization positively affected someone, ask them to capture their story with words and pictures. Then formulate a plan to share the story.
  4. Social media
    Get on social media. Just do it! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. That said, if you don’t have time to maintain an account, kill it. Be realistic with your time commitments. Follow best social media practices: ask questions, include photos, follow the rule of thirds (1/3 recognize your donors, volunteers, and employees; 1/3 solicit donations; 1/3 engage with aligned nonprofits and businesses). Have you heard of  ActionSprout, the Facebook tool for nonprofits? They provide amazing tools to help you reach your goals even faster. Learn more about social media help
  5. Utilize Google Ad Grants
    Qualifying nonprofits can receive up to $40,000 a month for Google AdWords. Don’t leave that money sitting on the table. Learn more
  6. Your website
    Make sure your website is easy to find, easy to read, and updated frequently. Drive people there via Google AdWords, SEO, and social media, and update it with storytelling.
  7. e-Newsletter
    Keep in contact with your constituency. Don’t necessarily worry about sending them quarterly, monthly, or weekly emails – do it when you have compelling content.
  8. Blogs, especially guest bloggers
    Solicit all types from your constituency: employees, donors, and donor recipients overtime.
  9. Infographics – they’re so hot right now
    People like visuals and they like simplicity. Why not communicate how you’ve reached your goals with some fancy pictures?
  10. Word of mouth
    Suggestions, ideas, and topics from friends and colleagues outweigh anything a cold call can do. Encourage your constituency to talk about your organization.

Bonus tip: Create a marketing calendar
Make a marketing plan and write it down. Find a balance across your various avenues and audiences to maintain momentum and prevent fatigue.

Guess what? We’re happy to help with any or all of these. Contact us

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