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Rebranding any business takes careful consideration, especially when it comes to updating your existing online presence. We worked with a property to help them rebrand, launch their new website, and fill rental vacancies.

Townhome Profile

The Row Townhomes, formerly known as Somerset Green Townhomes, are available for rent in Bellevue, WA. The community not only has access to top schools, from elementary to high school, but is easily accessible to the nation’s top employers including, but not limited to, Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, and Boeing – all important notes for creating personas and ad content.

Rebranding Problems

Keyword rankings over time

We broke the properties obstacles into three pieces to better attain their goals:

  1. Remarketing an existing apartment community
  2. Launch a new optimized website
  3. Fill property vacancies

Rebranding Solutions

First, we completed an audit of the historical sites strengths and weaknesses to inform new site design and content. Then, we created the below marketing strategy to launch an effective website and fill vacancies:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – a sample of some of our tactics:
    1. Helped them transition from old branding to new (updating citations, alt text, and more)
    2. Keyword research to inform title tags, meta descriptions, and targeting in copy
    3. Created sitemaps
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with Google AdWords
    1. Great way to help remarketing – could bid on old branding and inform seekers of new name
    2. SEO often performs better when paired with AdWords
    3. Included conversion tracking to measure the number of visitors who went to the application page, calls made from ads, completed the contact form, and who actually applied
  3. Facebook Paid Ads
    1. Created ads and audiences based on personas likely to rent their properties
    2. Set up remarketing ads to keep the community top of mind for website visitors (great to hit your potential renters in multiple places)


Not only did we help the townhomes smoothly transition from Somerset Green to The Row online, but effectively targeted new renters.

  • SEO: Ever-increasing keyword rankings that lead to ever-increasing Google rankings and free, organic traffic
  • AdWords: increasing conversion rate month over month coupled with a decreasing overall cost (great little reward from Google for providing solid, related ads to keyword bids)

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