The crew.

Good to the core, but also a little bad to the bone.

about - jared
Jared Keller, Principal

Jared came to us with over 10 years experience in business management, software engineering, and product development. He is a founding member and previous VP of Engineering for Conversica, an organization focused on sales automation software powered by machine learning. He’s a stand up guy, loves to talk shop over beers, and in general, is a huge nerd.

Courtney Rambo, Director of Operations

Court is a recent MBA graduate, and former Marketing Project Manager and Google Ads specialist for SPIE, a nonprofit society for engineers in optics and photonics. She has lots of international experience including leading the marketing efforts for “The International Year of Light” under the leadership of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and organizing sales and marketing efforts for 20 different international agencies simultaneously. She does not stop until the job is done, and has been done well. Best of all, she is pure of heart – when the clerk at the grocery store forgot to ring her up for her favorite bottle of gin, she made sure to correct him.

Alexander Bruner, Founder

Alex managed SEO, PPC, and Social Media for the Tribune Company’s digital marketing agency, overseeing the web efforts of thousands of clients. While servicing clients of the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Sun Sentinel, and other Tribune properties, Alex was exposed to tactics and strategies for both small businesses and Fortune 500’s. Alex’s long-term dream has been to turn his digital marketing skills towards making the world a better place, and Intellitonic’s focus on helping nonprofits provides that opportunity.

Clint Keller, Biz Dev

Clint sold artificial intelligence sales software to the automotive industry for years. He does a stellar job crafting new and refreshing ways to target new markets with new messages. He knows his way around a camera (thanks for all of the great snaps!) and Adobe Photoshop. Clint is known to carry peanuts in his brief case for squirrels and birds alike (no joke). He enjoys a good game of golf and tinkering around in the garden.

about - clint
about - blake Asset 1@4x
Blake Lester, Biz Dev

Blake joined Intellitonic after spending a year with his wife traveling in their Volkswagon van. Prior to that he worked for The Zillow Group, managing advertising and coaching top producing real estate agents all over the country. His experience spans small agent teams with modest budgets, to multi-office brokerages looking to expand to new markets. He cares about his clients and manages their budgets as if they were is own. Blake brings his four-legged friend Walter in almost daily and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Frank Marcinkowski, Software Development Engineer

With a cybersecurity background and prior U.S. Custom’s agent, Frank knows the importance of teamwork as well as creating and implementing secure infrastructure. He moved to the Pacific Northwest a few years ago to bike in the clouds and work on the virtual ones, and is regularly dressed as though a hike could break out at any moment. He’s a great listener, problem-solver, and has been known to rock a mean Halloween costume.

Frank Marcinkowski
Jonny Mooneyham
Jonathan "Jonny" Mooneyham, Software Development Engineer

Jonny is another recent MBA graduate and is working towards finishing a Masters in Computers Science (overachiever, much?). He has 8+ years of experience working with software development teams prior to returning to Bellingham for school. A data junky with a passion for machine learning, Jonny wants to use his powers for good to make the lives of others better. In his spare time, you can find him woodworking, sailing, playing piano, roasting coffee, or picking up a new hobby altogether.

Why work with our marketing agency?


We believe in our process so much that we rely on it, too. We utilize all the services we offer to not only better understand the process, but to make sure it’s tried-and-true. Helping you helps us to help you better (meta... data).


You have to be in a world where Google is constantly updating their secret sauce of an algorithm. We’re always looking for the latest and greatest ways to do things. And we’re open to working with new businesses and industries – it really keeps things interesting.


Work is work, but work can also be fun. We value a sense of humor. Besides, all work and no play makes Jack (and Wendy) a dull boy (or girl).


You’re not in it for the fame. You have a mission and we respect that. Although we are a small for-profit marketing agency, we share similar values and we think that’s rad.

“Intellitonic is a digital marketing agency that works with for- and non-profit organizations to drive relevant website traffic and increase conversions.”

Intellitonic (ya, we quoted ourselves)



The number of teammates it takes to make this well-oiled machine sing.