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Our Mission

Intellitonic empowers clients to use digital marketing strategies to tell their stories clearly and succinctly. We are thought leaders in the digital space, and educate and deliver visible, trackable results to clients.

Our History

Intellitonic was founded in 2016 when a software engineer, a marketing project manager, and an SEO expert came together to create an agile and adept marketing team. We’ve been delivering high-quality services to clients across the globe ever since.

Our Name

The founders knew they loved the word “intel.” Late one night while brainstorming names over gin and tonics, they put the two together. Groundbreaking, we know.

Meet the Crew

digital marketing company founder and SEO specialist Alex Bruner

Alex Bruner

Founder & Biz Dev

Alex managed SEO, PPC and social media for the Tribune Company’s digital marketing agency, where he oversaw the web efforts of clients including those of the L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, and the Sun Sentinel. Alex’s long-term dream has been to turn his digital marketing skills toward making the world a better place.

digital marketing company director and google ads specialist Courtney Rambo

Courtney Rambo

Founder & Director

Court is an MBA graduate and former Marketing Project Manager and Google Ads specialist for SPIE, a nonprofit society for optical engineering. She has lots of international experience including coordinating over 20 agencies while leading marketing efforts for UNESCO’s International Year of Light. She does not stop until the job is done, and has been done well.

digital marketing company principal and machine learning programmer Jared Keller

Jared Keller

Founder & Principal

Jared brings to the table more than 10 years of experience in business management, software engineering and product development. He is a founding member and former VP of Engineering of Conversica, an organization focused on sales-automation software powered by machine learning. He’s a standup guy, loves to talk shop over beers and in general is a huge nerd.

account manager of digital marketing firm Habiba Sial

Habiba Sial

Business Development Strategist

With a background in brick-and-mortar marketing, merchandising and visual communication, Habiba’s all about polishing your digital brand to get the customer experience and conversions you’re looking for. When not interpreting data and cooking up marketing strategies, she can be found covered in dirt in her garden, learning new art methods, and eating delicious food with the people she loves.

Google Ads and PPC ad specialist Spencer Klevgaard

Spencer Klevgaard

Paid Ads Team Lead

Spencer came to Intellitonic after graduating from college with a degree in psychology. As such he has a strong predilection toward all things neuroscience and the brain. Given his desire to learn, you can find him working on anything from CMS updates to Google Ads to UX/UI development. When not at work, Spencer is mountain biking or at home cooking up something delicious to fuel himself for the next day’s ride.

digital marketing account manager Samantha Hale

Samantha Hale

Accounts Team Lead

Samantha came to Intellitonic after many years in the nonprofit sector and loves supporting mission-based organizations and businesses. A data nerd at heart, she enjoys digging into the nitty gritty of analytics and insights to help parlay those findings into proven content strategy. Outside of work, Sam can be found seeking Type 2 fun in the woodlands and waterways of the PNW with her dog, creating art in her shop and baking tasty treats.


Elizabeth Lee

Account Manager

Elizabeth has worked as a marketing and communications project manager, an editor for an AAPI news and culture publication, and a professional dancer in New York. She dives into the stories of performance analytics and helps teams communicate effectively to grow their businesses and passion projects. When she’s not at her desk she is rehearsing or teaching at the studio, writing on the beach, or worrying about whether you’ve had enough to eat.

SEO manager at digital marketing company Marin Johnson

Marin Johnson

SEO Team Lead

With roots as a web content writer, Marin learned the tricks of the SEO trade at the Chicago Tribune, Demand Media, and the Sun Sentinel. At Intellitonic, Marin specializes in user-facing website content such as blogs and main navigation pages, concentrating on bringing new users to websites via organic search. Marin enjoys bringing sweets into the office and will even share if asked very nicely.

organic and PPC social media specialist Ariel de Anda

Ariel de Anda

Social media Specialist

Ariel joined Intellitonic shortly after graduating from WWU with a degree in marketing and audio tech. While primarily focused on making sure our Paid Social ads are as engaging, efficient and effective as possible, he is passionate about learning and loves to build up his other marketing skills. As a lifelong musician who plays in a couple of bands, he spends his free time doing anything music-related, whether it be listening, creating, or recording/mixing.



SEO specialist and digital content designer Alyssa Klimo

Alyssa Klimo

SEO Specialist

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and advertising, Alyssa spent three years working in New York’s art and fashion industries before joining Intellitonic and returning to the West Coast. When she’s off the clock, you might come across her running through Bellingham’s beautiful trails or kickboxing with Intellitonic founder Jared.


SEO specialist and digital marketing researcher Carey Ross

Carey Ross

SEO Specialist

Carey came to Intellitonic after a career as a music editor for an alternative newsweekly and a 20-year stint as a projectionist at an art-house movie theater, neither of which prepared her for a specialization in SEO, but both of which made her enjoy problem-solving and challenges. When she’s not doing keyword research, she’s petting dogs and trying to convince people with yards that a couple of pygmy goats would be a nice addition to the neighborhood.

PPC ad specialist Matt Rudorfer

Matt Rudorfer

PPC AD Specialist

Matt joined our team at Intellitonic after spending five years in the travel and tech industries. As our resident Minnesotan, he’s a sucker for all things tater-tot hot dish, Twins baseball and thriving in minus-60-degree weather. When he’s not performing fatherly duties for his cat Jojo, you can find him enjoying the backcountry of the Pacific Northwest or biking to local breweries and coffee shops.


Aida Cardona

New Business & Non Profit Development

After graduating from Western Washington University with a degree in business management, entrepreneurship, and arts enterprise and cultural innovation, Aida joined our specialist team as cross-disciplinary reinforcement. Their background in event coordinating and grassroots organizing amplifies their natural agility, creative passion and sense of nuance moving through varying project cycles. When they’re not wordsmithing or optimizing your campaigns, you can find Aida communing with crowds as a drag or fire artist, or in bed reading themselves to blissed-out sleep.

Wes Davis

Web Developer

Bio coming soon

Vanessa "V" Moss

SEO Specialist

With a background in sales spanning over ten years and digital marketing content creation and strategy, V is determined to learn as much as she can about the way a brand’s customers think and to create content that sells. When she’s not in the office, she can be found adventuring with her husband and dog, or diving into the world of wizards and dragons – common themes within her favorite power metal playlists, tabletop games, and books. Always open to a chat, she’s happy to offer sales advice, or provide a workout playlist that makes you feel like a medieval protagonist.

Simren Luthra

Simren Luthra

Account Manager

Simren graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in marketing and communications. She has worked in the tech industry building compelling story’s through data, strategic messaging and communication. Simren has also enhanced the impact for non-profits by sharing their unique vision and narrative in captivating and compelling social media and communication channels.

As a self-professed foodie and an avid culinary explorer with her own social media channel, you can often find her embarking on gastronomic adventures or seeking out hidden culinary gems. She believes that like stories, food carries its own narratives, rich with culture, history, and innovation.

New Team Member


Please check out our careers page for our latest openings. Note: we’re always happy to accept resumes!

Why You Should Work With Us

Not all agencies are built alike.
What makes Intellitonic stand out from the crowd?

We practice what we preach.

We've developed our processes over many years and in many industries and believe in it so much that we rely on it for our own business, too. We test and perfect all of the services we offer on ourselves first to better understand our processes and hone our strategies.

We are flexible.

We live in a world in which major platforms update their algorithms constantly. We’re always looking for the newest and most effective ways to do things. And we love working with new businesses and in new industries and verticals—the more we know, the more we can help you grow.

We believe in fun!

Work is work, but we're in this field because we love what we do. We take our clients and tasks seriously, but value a sense of humor. We hang out together—by choice. We support our community, take care of our employees, meet the needs of our clients and have a good time doing it all.

We love nonprofits.

You’re not in it for the fame. You have a mission and we respect that. Although we are a for-profit marketing agency, we are also a B Corp and share similar values. We love supporting those who do good work and help make our communities stronger, safer and more equitable.

We are a B Corp.

As a certified B Corporation, we envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good. We're part of a community of 4,000 companies in 77-plus countries that balance purpose and profit. By focusing our service efforts on building the online presence of sustainable companies and nonprofits, we are committed to creating a more ethical and environmentally conscious world.