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Launch your first website or redesign your current site

Your website is crucial to your business – it allows your customers to reach you 24/7 and enable them to act and engage when they are ready. We can partner on creating a new website, reworking an existing one, or merging various sites into one.

Get to know our process, the types of websites and industries we work with, and some sample websites we’ve launched recently.

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New Website Builds

Starting a new site from scratch can be daunting – you have to take into account your brand guidelines, the main purpose of the site e.g. eCommerce, service, informational, donations, etc., launch timelines, devices, and more. We love this starting point.

Rework An Existing Website

Websites shouldn’t go stale (but they do). Trends change, functionality change, your business changes.

Whether you’re looking to move from one CMS to another (e.g. a proprietary system that requires you lean on your developer to a more hands-on one like WordPress), looking to update your design (e.g. new fonts, colors, layouts), update your functionality (e.g. menu, page hierarchy, sidebars, and more), or a combination thereof, we can work together to bring your site up to speed with your business’s latest version.

Merge Websites

We’ve worked on a number of site mergers ranging from a parent company absorbing a new organization, a large law firm splitting into a small, more nuanced firm, one brand across three different platforms becoming one, and more. It’s important to take into account the strengths of the various websites from keyword rankings and content, to user experience and site flow.

Build off what has been working in the past to create a strong foundation for the future. 

Our Process 

Below is our general process for any website project – note that the process may vary depending on client needs, timelines, etc. 

  1. Determine and understand the main purpose of your website
  2. Work with designer (yours, ours, or another firms) to solidify the core elements of your brand
  3. Complete a website audit to determine the strengths of your current website to carry them over to the new site
  4. Flesh out an updated design that may include visuals, layout, and usage depending on needs
  5. Build the website starting with desktop → once desktop is fleshed out, moved to tablet and mobile Note: The website is not live or indexable by search engines at this point
  6. When all parties are ready, launch the website! Setup redirects, ensure tracking is firing properly e.g. Google Analytics, and address any bugs as necessary

Types of Websites

We prefer working with WordPress and finds that it works nicely with most brands. That said, there is a time and a place for Shopify and SquareSpace. Regardless, we’ll work together to nail down the best CMS for your immediate and long-term needs, weighing the pros and cons of each.

We can create or recreate a site for any type of organization including, but not limited to: 

  • eCommerce
  • Service focused
  • Nonprofit

Case Studies

Below are some of the websites we’ve launched recently (including CMS) and some of the big wins our team brought to the projects. 

The Ticket

Event Platform By The Seattle Times • WordPress

The Flex: Launched a brand new website with a new event platform and Google Display Ads on-site in four months

Partnered with The Seattle TImes for design

Barron Quinn Blackwood

Law Firm • WordPress

The Flex: Launching a new website with a reimagined firm in less than two months

Partnered with HubBub for design

Simple Goodness Sisters

eCommerce • Shopify

The Flex: Merged three different websites into one including blog, eCommerce, and evergreen content

In-house design
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