Nonprofit Marketing, Google Ad Grant Setup and More

Nonprofits hold a special place in our
hearts and community. So, it makes
sense we
would help them get everything
they can from their online presence.

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Just like a for-profit, your organization relies on your website for your digital marketing strategy.

There are a lot of nonprofits so it can be difficult to get your message across in a sea of competitors. As a nonprofit, you’re competing with other nonprofits for (1) donation dollars and (2) for the time of volunteers and event attendees.

Let’s work together to determine your goals, estimate your budget, and come up with a few campaigns with different marketing avenues to speak to those goals. We will be sure to track performance along the way to ensure we’re utilizing your budget to the best of our ability.

Nonprofit services:

Everything we offer to for-profits:

Nonprofit services:

A free review of your digital marketing strategy
Discounted rates – contact us for a proposal

Google Ad Grants

We are beyond ecstatic about the Google Ad Grants program for Google Ads. For qualifying nonprofits, they offer up to $10,000 a month in free Google Ads advertising. That’s insane!

With years of Google Ads experience and previously working for nonprofits, we highly recommend that you include Ads in your marketing campaign plan. Learn more about how to set it up in our free PDF here


Contact us and we’ll get back to you faster than you can say “In-tell-i-ton-ic.” Well, maybe not that fast, but pretty fast.

“They were able to help us get our Google grant going for our 501c3 AND have us up and running Google ads AND near max budget with multiple optimizations within the first month. ”
Chris Hooley, reKindle
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We improved one nonprofit’s traffic by


with AdWords alone