Small Thanks: Google Graphics in Seconds

As users spend more time on the Google interface and less time browsing websites, your Google My Business panel has never been more important. Whether or not you have set up your GMB account, your business likely has a panel built from your website and user-submitted information. Devoting time to fleshing out and engaging with for GMB panel will make your business more visible and compelling to customers. As an added bonus, Google just invented a way to turn your hard work into something wholesome.

Small Thanks selects from your reviews, GMB info, and highlights to create aesthetic, catchy pieces worthy of posting on your wall – online and in person. The process is 100% automated. Just type in your business name, pick a design, and share with a click.

Auto-Generated Online Plaques

small thanks example auto-generated from google my business

Online, these simple designs make for great, social media banners, website embellishments, and newsletter additions. In person, they can be turned into charming stickers, wall plaques, wall clings, and table tents.  

Unfortunately, Google won’t let you cherry-pick or edit your Small Thanks pieces directly. If a customer review has a typo, so will the recreation. However, you can continue to tweak and add to your Google My Business profile, giving Small Thanks more info to spin.

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