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A Team of Highly Motivated SEO, PPC, and Digital Marketing Specialists to Market Your Business

Seattle is not just the home of tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon, It is also an incubator for new businesses. The people of Seattle, the “Emerald City” live and breathe technology. It is a major part of daily life that is becoming more and more integral. The Seattle area fosters new ideas and entrepreneurship resulting in young businesses that need traction on the web. That’s where SEO comes in. SEO alerts customers to your business by improving keyword rankings on Google and connecting your web page to local directories. Intellitonic provides specialized SEO, PPC, and social media advertising with a refined white label approach.

Our services:


Do it yourself! Receive an online audit with step-by-step instructions on how to improve your online presence. Tell us your outreach goals and we will conduct a complete audit of your website’s content, organization, and functionality as well as essential SEO keywords for search engine visibility.


Online audit. Like the do-it-yourself option, but we take the reins and follow through with all of the recommended changes. May include SEO, PPC, social media outreach, and other practices to meet your specific business goals.


SEO. We will optimize your webpage for Google search by refining titles, meta description tags, and webpage content based on multifaceted keyword research. Backlinking from reputable websites improves SEO ranking for the entire website. We make it happen. Local SEO integrates your website into local directories so that your business appears on Google, not your competitors. Let us navigate and negotiate with temporal algorithm developments like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.


Social media outreach. White label social media reaches out to potential customers with a targeted campaign based on demographic research. Help us develop a customized company voice to interact organically with customers in an online environment.


PPC. Social media advertising pinpoints one exact demographic for each ad and feeds a specifc advertisement to that group. Remarketing techniques bring ads directly to potential customers who have already demonstrated interest in the company and its products.  


Search engine marketing. Target customers who are already searching for your products. Using keyword research and a web presence audit, a targeted SEM campaign brings your ad to the top of the Google results page whenever a potential customer types searches for the selected key phrases.


Online content. An active online blog fosters organic customer engagement and gives your company an approachable voice. Informed with an SEO audit, the potential for outreach improves dramatically. Our team produces white label blogging implementing cutting-edge SEO practices.


Site speed optimization. Intellitonic can improve your site speed. We will reconfigure your CSS and file sizes to improve page loading times and lower your website bounce rate, with the added benefit of improving your SEO.


Special offer for nonprofits. Google Ad Grants provides $10,000 in complementary advertising to nonprofit organizations. An online audit and SEM campaign can help you make the most bang for their buck