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Nonprofit Marketing

We want to help your nonprofit marketing needs.

We have experience working for a number of nonprofits and we realize that although marketing may be an incredibly powerful tool to help you fulfill your mission, you don’t necessarily have the time or the resources to launch or maintain various marketing campaigns.

Let’s work together to determine your goals, estimate your budget, and come up with a few different campaigns with different marketing avenues to speak to those goals. We will be sure to track performance along the way to ensure we’re utilizing your budget to the best of our ability.

Check out our Online Marketing services for general plans of attack, or Google Ad Grants and Top 10 Tools specifically for nonprofits:

Online Marketing

We can use any one of our many tools to market your nonprofit, including improving your web content and optimizing your pages for better search engine find-ability, and driving more visitors to your website via pay-per-click and social media campaigns. We’re also happy to do a bit of online marketing consulting, too.

Google Ad Grants

Get $10,000 in free marketing per month!
Google offers thousands of dollars a month for nonprofits to market their missions. We recommend adding Google AdWords to your marketing mix.

Top 10 Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

Here’s our compilation of favorite tools for nonprofits – together, these ten things (plus a bonus tip!) can help you create a solid marketing campaign plan.

Nonprofit marketing tools