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Marketing Campaign Plans

Driving website traffic that results in conversions requires the right marketing mix. The best way to create this mix is by creating a strategic marketing campaign plan.

A digital marketing campaign plan is a guide complete with clear, measurable, and time-bound marketing objectives along with various methods to complete those objectives. Creating a marketing campaign plan requires the ability to see the forest for the trees, and the trees that make the forest.

Marketing plans are for anyone looking to make conversions, whether those conversions are actual sales, website visits, or something in between. Everyone needs a marketing plan. They are for every type of business – big, small, old, new, niche, and broad. New businesses should not launch without one. Established businesses should create a new plan for each year or business cycle and with any new product roll outs.

Successful marketing campaigns are integrated marketing campaigns. They rely on a number of different avenues to prop each other up and build momentum. They utilize various platforms like email, your website, social media, and more. In addition, they target their audience at different stages of the purchasing cycle.

Overall, the plan is important to not only weigh your options but to be prepared. It makes you review what you are and are not doing, and why. Although the plan is an agreed upon document, it should be understood that it should be malleable in the face of the ever-changing market.

How to Create a Strategic Marketing Campaign Plan

Maybe you already create marketing campaign plans on a regular basis and are in need of fresh eyes, or maybe they have never been on your radar. Regardless, we’d love to help. Talking to someone outside of your business can offer a new perspective and a multitude of new ideas.

We can either take the campaign plan reigns or guide a collaborative effort. All we need to get started are your time-bound goals and a bit of data on what you’re currently doing. In the end, we deliver you a complete document that we present during a one-hour or less meeting. Then, it’s up to you and your team to stick to the plan and edit as time progresses.

Marketing campaign plans can be delivered within one month.