Permission Settings: Google Tag Manager

How To Set-up & Change Permissions in Google Tag Manager​

Last updated:      January 10, 2022

To grant access to your Google Tag Manager account on the administrator level, sign in and click “Admin”. In the Account Column select “User Management”. Click the blue circular plus “+” sign button. Select “Add New Users” and add the new user email address. (You may also fine-tune permissions for specific containers on the “Container Permissions” table.) See screen shots below for further clarification.

Administrator Permission Levels & Explanation




Has permission to create new containers and modify user permissions for accounts and containers.


This level allows the user to view basic account information. (This permission is selected by default.)

Container Permissions & Explanation



No Access

The user will not see the container listed in the account.


The user will see the container listed and may browse the tags, triggers, and variables in the container, but will not have the ability to make any changes.


The user has rights to create workspaces and make edits but not create versions or publish.


The user has rights to create versions, workspaces, and make edits but not publish.


The user has full rights to create versions, workspaces, make edits, and publish.

See Screen Shots For Further Clarification

Google Tag Manager user dashboard
Google Tag Manager permissions menu with plus sign button to add users