A method to
the radness.

We’ve been honing our technique for years, and although every client is unique, we have a proven process for killer results. This isn’t hocus-pocus. It’s a down-to-earth, repeatable process with a simple goal:
get your business seen by the folks looking for it. 

Online Marketing. There’s no special process to get it all done. Except the one below.


We audit your online presence.

First, we do a deep dive into your online presence. Your website and social media life go under the microscope, we see what your competition is up to, bone-up on keywords, and get your goals lined up.

The result:
We create a roadmap to get your biz back in the online game.

We optimize your site.

With the roadmap as our guide, we use our SEO expertise and tricks of the trade to optimize your site. We focus on keywords, backlinking, page content and proper coding so search engines see your site, love it, and list it.

The result:
Your site is humming along and ready for all the traffic we can throw at it.

OK, that’s not a word, but it rhymes and you get the point: We drive traffic to your site.

With your site all set, we take the wheel and start directing traffic towards it using paid advertising and killer content. That means a combo of targeted, pay-per-click ads and keyword conscious posts.

The result:
Increased site traffic along with conversion rates and sales. Beeeooom!
Rinse & repeat

Every month we create a report and meet with you to review your digital marketing highlights, what we worked on, and what we plan to work on. Plus we get any industry or business updates from you.

"With all of the large online options for SEO and social media marketing, I'm grateful to have found the perfect local business to support instead!"
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Jenna Jorgenson, NW Life Medicine

of online adventures begin
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