A Complete Renovation
A large franchise owner needed to target locals audience and increase relevant traffic, without straying away from corporate branding.
The Client

Thrive Communities


National Apartment Franchise

Thrive Timbers apartment interior
A Little Background...

Thrive is a national apartment management brand with 60+ locations, primarily located in Washington State. The company purchases struggling apartment buildings and gives them a complete renovation: new kitchens, new floors, and new community amenities to make each location welcoming and unique.

The Problem

When Thrive launches a new apartment, they must start from square one. Not only does the new brand have zero web presence, but they recently invested in pricey renovations and must turn a profit ASAP.

The Solution

Our answer is twofold: pay-per-click ads to fill the empty apartments right away, and search engine optimization to help each website stand on its own two cybernetic feet.


Online Presence Audit: For each new apartment complex, we determined the search keywords most attainable by a young website followed by the highly coveted keywords to attain as it establishes its web presence. One significant task is to scour the web for old listings using the address, switching them with NAP-consistent directory listings for the new brand. Even retired businesses can hold you back if you let them!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): No aspect of the properties’ online presence went unoptimized, from the website content to the online directory listings to the Google My Business profiles. Our efforts were coordinated between the metadata, anchor text, and actual words on the page, ensuring growth in the most valuable keywords for each apartment to rank for.


Google Ads: This is where the real fun begins. Each website receives a matrix of highly specified ads true to their brand. To keep Thrive’s ads from competing with each other, we honed our targeting by not just location but by flavor as well.

Facebook Ads: To reach both new and familiar potential renters, we honed our Facebook ads to reach remarketing and lookalike audiences, using images that draw clicks and interest.

The Results

Whether we’ve worked on a property for 6 months or 3 years, the keyword density has continued to grow at a rate of 18 to 37 new, relevant keywords per month, with a mean of 25 new keywords per month. Our longest standing Thrive SEO location, Sawyer Flats, has grown in keyword density from 127 to 1,115 keyphrases in 3 years, and the number of keywords continues to rise.

Keyword Rankings Over Time

Apartment #1
Apartment #2
Lighthouse Apartments SEO keyword ranking improvements over time
Apartment #3
The Row apartment SEO keyword ranking increase over time
Apartment #4

Using our continuous A/B testing method, we continually raise the value of each Google Ads campaign over time.

click-through rate

Ranging 8% to 20%

cost per click

Between $0.75 and $1.50

cost per conversion

Ranging $3 to $12

Our ppc model

A/B tested results

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