Delivering a truckload.

Cascade Hardwood wanted to be the first company every local log seller sees. We put our best SEOs on the task to make it happen.

The Client

Cascade Hardwood


Vancouver, BC



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A little background...

Cascade Hardwood is a small but dedicated team that buys logs and sells lumber from Oregon to British Columbia. They make it easy by helping landowners obtain harvest permits and timber appraisals. Every log buyer works one-on-one with clients, providing firsthand insights and expertise.

The Problem

Trying to catch traffic with different avenues, Cascade Hardwood created five separate websites, each with a different name. The idea was based on solid logic but had the unfortunate effect of reducing overall SEO rankings for each site. They were looking for an agency to help them rank for their various locations without the hassle.

The Solution

When we got a peek under the hood, we immediately noticed the problem. We also identified several avenues to make their keyword rankings grow.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)We met with Cascade Hardwood and set keyword goals to reel in the ideal customer base. Then we went over every aspect of the site by hand, rebuilding the framework with precisely honed keyword placement.

We migrated the best material to the original website and tied up loose ends using 301 redirects.

To attract locals, we set up individual landing pages for each office, anchoring each with geo-targeted meta data. What they had hoped to accomplish with five domains, we accomplished with one.

The Results

By revamping the website with new keyword research, we turned looky loo traffic into an audience of potential clients. Instead of keyword misfires targeting the top of the sales funnel like “what type of wood is alder,” Cascade Hardwood started ranking for log sales searches like “how much are my trees worth?”

On top of this, they rose to #1 for “alder mill,” “scribner scale” and “scribner scale book,” terms used by people looking to sell logs.

Cascade Hardwood knocks similar websites out of the park in keyword density, and is approaching the user traffic of its largest competitor.

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