The right adjustments.

A successful chiropractor had seven locations marketed across one website. They wanted to optimize their online presence and increase office visits in a competitive market.

The Client

Private chiropractor



A Little Background...

A full service chiropractic care clinic in Arizona offers a holistic approach, from sports medicine and chiropractic care, to allergy testing and nutrition. 

The Problem

They wanted to attract new clients in a saturated, competitive market. The clinic had one website attracting seven different nearby locations. We needed to optimize the site to appear for highly competitive search phrases, and run ads that prevented overlap between the different clinics. On top of that, we needed to determine different Google Ads spend levels for each location as competition and interest are varied.

The Solution

Optimize their current site, increase local SEO, and run a new Google Ads campaign.


Online Presence Audit: As is often the case, we started with a comprehensive audit of their online presence, with a keen eye toward paid advertising.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We implemented targeted, local SEO tactics and optimized website copy. We also converted several separate domains into one through redirects. 


Google Ads: We created separate search campaigns for each location, targeting around their offices. 

A little extra somethin' somethin'...

Follow the data: We started targeting all of their service offerings in Google Ads, but found that ‘General Chiropractic Care’ resulted in the most conversions for them. We also connected their account with with Google My Business so we could see actions made in Google Maps e.g. directions, clicks to call, and website visits.

The Results

In one year, Intellitonic boosted the website’s monthly traffic sessions by 94%, and time spent on the website per session by 16%. Overall, our efforts have attracted new clients thanks to relevant bidding and enticing ad copy.

Total Sessions



New User sessions






Average session duration


from 2:11 to 2:32

traffic channels

Diversified website traffic channels to include paid and more direct

Google Ads

According to Wordstream, average industry benchmarks for health & medical (in Google Ads) on the search network include:

  • Average cost per click on the search network: $2.62 (for the last 3 months, ours has been $1.39 passing on the savings to the client and allowing them to get more for their budget)
  • Average conversion rate: 3.36% (we’re at 3.91%)
  • Average cost per action: $78.09 (for the past 5 months, we’ve hit about $40 per conversion!)


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