Highline Construction

Building a Network




Increase brand awareness, Increase sales, Increase site traffic


SEO, Search Engine Ads, Social Media Ads

Their goals

Highline Construction is a team of custom builders and interior designers in Bellingham, Washington. Their gorgeous custom houses can be seen all over town and they have a dedicated interior design showroom to help customers plan their remodels.

They had a website filled with beautiful pictures of their expert construction and design work, they just needed the right people to discover it.

Our results

Total sessions increased
year over year
First page Google rankings increased
year over year
Ad reach increased
year over year
Click through rate (CTR) increased
year over year

Google Ads and Paid Facebook both consistently brought in new leads. Our SEO efforts landed top positions for key phrases related to home builders, custom homes and construction locally, as well as increased overall keywords by 158%.

How we did it

Marketing Strategy: We scoured their website for opportunities, explored local competition and created an SEO, SEM and Paid Social plan to grow their brand awareness and increase project opportunities.

SEO: SEO tactics worked on and off the site—enriching everything from the page text to the metadata to the URLs with construction keywords, and pointing construction-specific backlinks to URLs across their domain.

Google Ads: We built unique ads for each service offering, running consistent A/B tests to find the strongest wording and continually improve results.

Social Media Ads: We created campaigns based on select services as well as overall branding awareness. We hit target geos, age ranges, income qualifiers and interests, and remarketed toward those who took certain actions. Our ad philosophy was agile—we helped fill last-minute projects and quickly changed our trajectory and messaging due to COVID-19.

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