Organic results.

The Bellingham Community Food Co-op wanted more feet through the door, so we expanded their reach and put them on the path to more shoppers and sales.




Increase brand awareness, Increase sales, Increase clientele


Online Audit, SEO, Search Engine Ads, Content Creation

Their goals

The Community Food Co-op is a trusted local grocer specializing in local and organic groceries and meals. The organization focuses on supporting a sustainable community and economy by connecting local producers and buyers. The Co-op also serves the community with information and educational opportunities which empowers locals to make informed shopping choices.

The Co-op had an aesthetically pleasing website and an existing strong print campaign, but something was missing. They were having trouble reaching new audiences for their grocery and their new bakery across the street. They had an inkling this could be due to the misconception that shoppers had to be members.

Our results

New website users increased
year over year
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Ads

We did exactly what we set out to do: attracted new audiences with two specially targeted campaigns.

Using SEO, we maximized all channels available to rank for keywords and started ranking for more and more relevant keywords proven by increases in keyword rankings paired with decreases in bounce rate.

In Google Ads, we attracted new audiences via targeting other brand names, clarified the ability to shop and positively affected organic keyword rankings.

How we did it

Intellitonic and The Community Food Co-Op started working together in December of 2017. The Co-Op had already done some market research thanks to Ethnographic Insight, so we began right away with SEO and Google Ads (FKA AdWords).

We implemented targeted, local SEO tactics and optimized website copy including, but not limited to, optimized page titles, meta descriptions, and image alt text.

Using Google Ads, we created two entirely new campaigns from scratch after scouring their website for keywords and putting Google Keyword Planner to work. The first campaign targets seasonal specials and savings and the second targets general grocery and bakery related searches. We organized the keywords into tightly knit groups to allow for better organization and ad targeting.

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