Cleanin’ Up

Attracting dental patients for new and existing practices takes some finesse. We helped five clinics increase web traffic and target prospective patients in their respective locations.


Five Private Dental Clinics




Increase clientele


Online Audit, Search Engine Ads

Their goals

These dental clinics range in services (general exams, restorative care, cosmetic dentistry, sleep apnea, implants) but all share one common goal: to increase clientele.

One of the major pitfalls of working with a marketing agency specializing in a specific industry (say, dentists), is the great potential for competition. That’s why specialization is important. Although the five clients were in the same large city, they occupied different neighborhoods and suburbs. Two of the practices were new and we had to help them break into the market. The other three were existing practices. All five were struggling to attract new clients that would turn into long-term patients. That’s where Google Ads came in.

Our results

Traffic Channels

Diversified website traffic channels to include paid and more direct sessions.

Google Ads

According to Wordstream, average industry benchmarks for health and medical on the search network include:

• Right-on-the-money cost per click: $2.62 (ranged from $2.55-$2.80, the average being $2.67).

• Above-average conversion rate: 3.36% (ranged from 3.23%-18.21%, the average being 11.54%)

One practice reported confirming two new patients (valued at $4,000 a year each) from $1,500 Google Ads spend alone!

By following our internal best practices and utilizing expert conversion tracking we garnered a nice industry average conversion rate and cost per action.

How we did it

Based on market research, we found that people rely on Google for new dentists near them, whether they’re looking for a general exam and cleaning, or something more specific like veneers or Invisalign. We worked with each of the clients to leverage their locations, specialties, services and overall competitive advantages to not only help match them to the best clients, but also to keep their Google Ads costs down.

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