Rolling in the Goods

They wanted to professionalize their look and increase their visibility. We set them up with a brand new platform.




Increase brand awareness, Increase sales, Streamline marketing


SEO, Content Creation, Website Build

Their goals

Happy Camper Cocktail Company provides a revolutionary bartending service: cocktails on wheels. Their unique and wholesome “farm to bar” approach brings the bar to the party. Perfect for corporate events, weddings and fundraisers, it’s truly the food truck of the future.

The Campers were unhappy with their lackluster website and wanted to build something modern and robust. At the same time they wanted to make it easier for customers to find their unique service.

Our results

We breathed new life into the old website and set it up for success. Right away, we started seeing more direct website traffic and more time spent visiting each page. The audience only grew once the website was optimized.

Designed a new website with form and function, built a healthy sitemap, cut down the word count, and wrote clear and compelling webpage content.

Utilized targeted keyword research and meta data to bring in the largest wave of traffic the website had ever seen: more than 1,000 organic visitors in one month.

How we did it

Our approach had two phases. The first phase was to move the website to a new platform and rework the sitemap. The second was to get the site in front of potential clients through keyword research.

Website Design: Before getting started on the design, we moved the website from Wix to Squarespace. The new platform gave us the tools to transform the old website into a sleek, new interface that is easier to use.

Content Creation: A thorough examination of the website indicated that potential customers were getting lost in the labyrinth of text and never made it to the “book now” button. We gave the wording a trim to make each message pop.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): As we built the new site from the ground up, we integrated best SEO practices to target the page titles and meta descriptions—a little extra work at the start ensures more traffic later on. Plus, keyword research was a great way to introduce a new concept to searchers as most people weren’t looking for “cocktail campers” (yet)!

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