Waking Up to a New Start.

They had a gorgeous, newly remodeled hotel and wanted to attract a large audience.




Increase brand awareness


SEO, Search Engine Ads, Social Media Ads

Their goals

The Heliotrope Hotel is a boutique hotel situated in a thriving and centrally located neighborhood. The owners took a classic ’70s motel and created a modern experience combined with timeless simplicity.

Thinking ahead, the Heliotrope wanted to make sure they cemented their online presence early. They had already created a beautiful website, but wanted to make sure the right people were finding them. This required a solution that brought in not only weekend travelers, but also weeklong vacationers.

Our results

We made good on our promise and brought in a new audience of travelers and vacationers. The website traffic grew, as did the amount of time users spent on the website.

How we did it

After several meetings to fully understand their vision and intent, we began work with the Heliotrope Hotel in January 2018.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We implemented targeted local SEO tactics and optimized the website content. Through several creative sessions, we also fleshed out a list of backlinks to acquire and an ongoing strategy for requesting more.

Google AdWords: After reviewing the data from the Heliotrope’s existing campaign, we created a new, more organized and optimized campaign and established a solid maintenance schedule.

Facebook Paid Advertising: Facebook is a great way to reach business travelers and vacationers, so we started posting on that platform. We also used remarketing to serve ads to people who had visited the Heliotrope before.

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