Making Non-GMOs a Non-Issue

Harnessing the power of the $10K Google Ad Grant for the Non-GMO Project


Food, Nonprofit


Increase site traffic


Online Audit, Search Engine Ads, Social Media Ads

Their goals

The Non-GMO Project is an international, nonprofit organization that believes in the power of choice. By creating a trustworthy non-GMO labeling system and building it into an internationally recognized symbol, they make it possible for food-conscious individuals to build a non-GMO lifestyle. Their non-GMO verified symbol appears on 0.4% of products in the United States and Canada. That may seem like a small percentage, but that’s a LOT of products.

They wanted to get more people living GMO-free. They already had a great website and a new smartphone app—they just needed to get the word out to new users.

The Non-GMO Project heard about Google Ad Grants but also knew about the many hoops it involves. Rather than squander their annual $120,000 in Google Ad credits, they wanted to bring in someone who knew how to make the most of it. In addition to that, they also needed direction with their social media which they handle in-house.

Our results

Google Ad Grant

Created effective campaign that resulted in a 40% increase in overall traffic alone.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Coached their team on SEO and paid search best practices, the importance of having one website rather than two and leveraging YouTube campaigns for increased brand awareness.

The campaign was a huge success! The Non-GMO Project saw a sharp increase in website views as existing avenues improved and new avenues materialized. With finely honed tools, we practically doubled the website traffic. All it took was an updated website and refreshed ad campaigns.

How we did it

The Non-GMO Project came to us, and we’re glad they did. Through exhaustive keyword research and a careful examination of how users interact with the website, we made suggestions regarding their website and social media efforts, and launched multiple Google Ads campaigns that drove users to informative pages and right to the app download button.

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