Serious Fun for Kids with Serious Illness

Round Up River Ranch makes campers with serious illnesses feel like ordinary kids. Campers and their families enjoy the gift of extraordinarily joyful moments, lasting friendships, newfound courage, and memories that remain long after the last s’more is devoured.




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Nonprofit Ad Grant

Their goals

If you haven’t heard of Roundup River Ranch, we don’t blame you, but you would be remiss if you didn’t remember them after the fact. Roundup River Ranch (RRR) is a non-profit that comes to us from Colorado, providing old-fashioned camp experiences for children with serious illnesses and their families. They do this free of charge, funded through donations and the hard work of volunteers.

RRR came to us as a referral from an existing nonprofit based in Colorado as well. Their previous agency had struggled with spending even a fraction of their Google Ad Grant budget. This is not an uncommon situation as the restrictions placed on the account by the grant makes it hard to excel using common Google Ads strategies.

Our results

Month One
in Google Ad Grant spend in the first month
Month Two
in Google Ad Grant spend in the second month

During the onboarding process, our AMs worked with RRR to flesh out goals and set realistic expectations. We wanted to hear from them about what they wanted to promote on their site, and most importantly what actions (conversions) were most valuable to them. Being frequent flyers of Google Ads, we can usually make a best guess as to what site actions are most valuable. But having a goal-specific conversation with the client is usually the best way to get that information as they usually have industry-specific knowledge.

How we did it

With this roadmap, we built new campaigns focusing on the above actions by sending users to the corresponding pages those actions are on.

Using Google’s own best practices including those for the ad grant, and our own standards as an agency developed over the past 5 years, we were able to spend 2.5k the first month the new campaigns were live, and upwards of 3.5k the second month. Limitations include a max cost per click of $2 for max clicks campaigns, a minimum of 5% click-through rate maintained throughout the lifetime of the campaign. In addition, all keywords must have a quality score of 2 or more, meaning targeting must be focused on the few searches that are likely to draw conversions, and the content on the website must match the keywords you’re bidding on closely.

We love any opportunity to work with people who do good things for others, especially when we can assist them in ways they have struggled with in the past. Each client poses their own set up unique challenges that needs a tailored solution. In this case, RRR just needed a little bit of Intellitonic magic to get their message out, putting their Google Ad Grant to full use.

Intellitonic is proud to help connect families to this incredible experience.

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