The right tools for the job.

Specified Fittings was expanding through North America and wanted a digital presence to match. We reviewed their site and found some things that were holding them back while also setting up a digital marketing plan for future growth.

The Client

Specified Fittings


Bellingham, WA

A little background...
Specified Fittings is the largest pure pipe fittings manufacturer in North America. With production plants in Bellingham, Washington and Stevensville, Montana, as well as regional warehouses throughout the nation they aim to serve the North American and international markets with a complete line of HDPE, PVC, and CPVC fittings.

The Problem

Specified Fittings knew that a strong web presence was important and invested in a great looking website. The only problem, traffic to the new website decreased by 60% after launching and no one knew why. That’s when they knew they needed to call in a professional to see what was holding them back, as well as find new ways to develop traffic.

The Solution

Intellitonic and Specified Fittings started working together in 2017. Due to the recent changes to the site, and traffic fluctuations we determined that a digital audit would be the best starting point.


Online Presence Audit: To get to the bottom of their dip in traffic we began with a comprehensive digital audit. Through our efforts, we found that they had three versions of the site that all resolved and did not redirect correctly, resulting in a loss of authority. We were also able to provide key recommendations to optimize their website and surpass their previous traffic levels by implementing 301 redirects to regain lost authority.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):To improve in keyword rankings and rank for more convertible terms, we implemented targeted, local SEO tactics and optimized website copy. This included updating top level local resources like Google My Business, Bing, Facebook, and Yelp, as well as gaining inclusion in directories and resources specific to the trades.


Google AdWords: We reviewed existing campaign data, created a new, more organized and optimized campaign, and established a solid maintenance schedule.

Linkedin Paid Advertising: LinkedIn is a great place to target project managers and supply purchasers. Together, we created an audience base of key decision makers and created targeted ads to speak directly to this group.

Facebook Paid Advertising: Being B2B and an industrial business, Facebook didn’t seem like a prime platform to advertise their services, but with a small budget we were able to use remarketing tactics to serve ads to visitors of their website, reinforcing our other campaigns.

The Results

Overall, we brought their keyword rankings back to where they belonged and surpassed their previous amount, ranking for more relevant and convertible terms.