So Fresh. So Clean.
A large franchise owner needed to target locals audience and increase relevant traffic, without straying away from corporate branding.
The Client

Carpet Cleaner Franchise


Southwest, USA

A Little Background...
A large cleaning company franchisee wanted to promote their residential and commercial cleaning services locally. Not only did they offer a wide range of cleaning services, from air ducts and upholstery, to carpet and tile floors, but so did many self-employed cleaners in the area.
The Problem

The company was limited to working within franchise branding guidelines. However, they needed to stand out amongst do-it-yourself options and bigger name brands, like Stanley Steemer.

The Solution


Online Presence Audit: As is often the case, we started with a comprehensive audit of their online presence, with a keen eye toward paid advertising and SEO improvements.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We divided our efforts between on-site keyword targeting and off-site backlink and citation building.


Google Ads: We built a new campaign that leveraged the current brand name strength, and the names of top competitors. 

The right bid: We maximized bids on carpet cleaning specialties, while also bidding on other ancillary cleaning services.

Keep testing and keep it fresh: By bidding on nearly 10,000 keywords with various synonyms, plurals, and match types, organized across 150 ad groups, we could be VERY specific with ad targeting. We also always had multiple ad variations going for copy testing. 

A little extra somethin' somethin'...

User Experience Design: We utilized call tracking to be able to listen to phone calls directly made from Google Ads (and other marketing tactics). It quickly became apparent current promotions were not clear, and needed to be explained more concisely to reduce confusion and sales person time. 

The Results
traffic channels

Increased organic traffic, and diversified website traffic channels to include more paid and direct.

We developed the online presence of this Las Vegas carpet cleaner for 12 months. In that time, we divided our efforts between on-site keyword targeting and off-site backlink and citation building, causing organic traffic to increase by nearly 90% in one year. In addition, average session duration increased from 90 seconds to nearly 5 minutes. Our combined SEO efforts built a long-lasting network of customer traffic that continues bringing the company business to this day.

organic Sessions



Organic New Users



Organic Pages per session


from 1.64 to 2.11

Organic Average session duration


from 1:33 to 4:46

Google Ads traffic

Our average conversion rate was drastically higher, and our average cost per action (aka conversion) was drastically lower. Overall, we increased their sales and number of clients all within budget. 

According to Wordstream, average industry benchmarks for home goods & industrial services on the search network include:

  • Average cost per click on the search network: $2.56-$2.94 (we averaged $6.71)
  • Avg CTR: 2.44%-2.61% (we averaged 5.75%)
  • Average conversion rate: 2.7%-3.37% (we averaged 34.73%)
  • Average cost per action: $79.28-$87.13 (we averaged $19.34)
We targeted keywords that were more likely to convert – this of course comes with higher average CPCs. 
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