Putting Ducks in a Row

They had vacancies to fill, so we gathered the attention of potential tenants.


Residential Apartments


Increase brand awareness, Increase site traffic


SEO, Search Engine Ads

Their goals

The Row is a sought-after community of townhouses in a gorgeous Bellevue neighborhood. Each home has access to a spacious playground and a leash-free dog park. Homes are fitted with stainless steel appliances, genuine quartz countertops, and private patios.

With a beautiful website and a stellar local reputation, all The Row needed was a way to reach new people looking for designer townhomes for rent. They asked us for a signal boost.

Our results

Number of new online listings
Reached their goal of a
occupancy rate

With a combined approach of targeted advertising and local SEO, we helped The Row fill their vacancies. Their search engine rankings rose higher than ever before, and a new audience poured in from the parallel advertising campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Started ranking for 13 keywords in the top 20 position without branding and 2 with branding.

Google Ads: Accounted for more than a third of the website’s overall traffic, which also positively affected keyword rankings. Tracked number of people who visited the applied page, those who actually applied, phone calls, and those who completed the contact form.

Facebook Paid Advertising: Generated about a quarter of the company’s web traffic. Determined the majority of people most likely to click were women ages 25-44.

How we did it

The Row joined forces with Intellitonic in September of 2016. With a combined effort of SEO and finely tuned advertising, we helped the website soar through the ranks and become a local hotspot.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A thorough keyword analysis revealed a vast, untapped potential for the website. We narrowed down a list of keywords The Row could use to rise to the first page of Google results and break the company record in keyword rankings. By adding The Row to a series of local directories, we made The Row more visible for people searching for homes in the local Bellevue area.

Google Ads: We used common search terms to target people looking for rental townhomes in the area utilizing ad copy highlighting The Row’s competitive advantages. We also made sure to add negative keywords to prevent irrelevant traffic and spend, e.g. people looking to buy rather than rent townhomes or those looking for one or four bedrooms.

Facebook Paid Advertising: Facebook is already populated with many individuals in their 20s and early 30s, making it the perfect platform for The Row’s Facebook Ads campaign. Like we did with Google Ads, we delivered ad copy highlighting what makes their property stand out amongst others in the area. However, unlike Google Ads, Facebook allows us to target audiences by age (e.g. 20-30), education (undergrad +), location (Bellevue), home ownership (none), and more.

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