Stepping It Up

Twistep wanted more sales from their website. We launched a campaign that helped them climb to the top.




Increase brand awareness, Increase site traffic


Search Engine Ads

Their goals

Twistep is the leading product of PortablePET, the pet products division of Heininger Holdings. The PortablePET helps dogs safely enter and exit the back of a truck or SUV, safeguarding both pet and owner from potential injury. Sturdy and easy-to-use, it’s made all the difference for dog owners on the road.

Twistep was enjoying a healthy flow of sales from Amazon, but wanted more sales from their own website. They attempted campaigning on their own, but ended up spending more than $60 per click.

Our results

Facebook Marketing
Cost per click (CPC)
Facebook Marketing
Click through rate (CTR)
Google Ads
Cost per click (CPC)
Google Ads
Conversion Rate

Twistep enjoys more than twice as much traffic every day thanks to its combined Google Ads and Facebook marketing campaigns. Every month, we continue to study the click and conversion data, further honing the existing campaigns and launching new parallel campaigns.

How we did it

Our journey with Twitstep began with a raving recommendation from HCF Media. We worked our magic on Twistep’s digital marketing campaigns both on Google and on social media.

Facebook Marketing: Facebook proved to be the perfect ad platform for Twistep. Tuning into customer feedback, we targeted ads to each user’s favorite dog breed. Customers imagined their own dogs enjoying the product and were quick to click. Our demographic-targeted ads enjoyed click-through rates averaging 6.2% and some reaching to 14.8%. We were thrilled with the results.

Google Ads: We shot past the website’s previous ad campaign with a 98% CTR increase. Almost 50% of users who reached the website clicked “buy now.” Targeting better keywords and delivering more compelling ad copy helped us attract a crowd who was truly interested.

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