Google Ad Grants: The Final Frontier

Walking Mountains was managing their Google Ad Grants internally, but wasn’t taking full advantage of the $10,000 monthly credit offered through the program. They brought us onboard to maximize the use of their budget and drive traffic to their assorted programs.




Increase brand awareness, Increase site traffic


Online Audit, Search Engine Ads

Their goals

Walking Mountains is a nonprofit offering innovative school programs, summer youth science camps, adult seminars and year-round interpretive programs centered around the great outdoors.

Walking Mountains already had a Google Ads campaign, but they were not getting the most out of their efforts. They did their research and were also taking advantage of the Google Ad Grant program, a Google for Nonprofits program that provides $10,000 a month in advertising dollars. The problem was they were only using a fraction of the money.

Our results

We used the resources that Walking Mountains already had available to bring in new traffic with a fresh marketing look. The user base began viewing a larger number of pages for a longer period of time, resulting in increased web traffic, greater brand awareness and fuller enrollment in the Walking Mountains program. After taking over their Google Ad campaign, we raised their click-through rate from 1.8% to 9.35%.

How we did it

We put Ad Grants to work and developed many brand new campaigns for Walking Mountains, bringing in waves of new traffic. We also helped them move to a new website, polishing their look along the way.

Online Presence Audit: When it came time for Walking Mountains to transition their blog from WordPress to Blogspot, we were on top of their minds. We analyzed their website from the inside out and determined their strengths and opportunities. Best of all, we identified which blogs were best to carry over and which were better cut.

Google Ads: After reviewing the existing campaign, we used the nonprofit funding from the Ad Grant program to test out several new ad groups. We were then able to maximize the campaign, improving on the ads and keywords list each month.

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