Bringing It Home

They wanted a signal boost, so we identified key methods for improvement and set them up with a targeted advertising campaign.


Residential Apartments


Increase brand awareness, Increase clientele


SEO, Search Engine Ads

Their goals

Wheelhouse of Fair Oaks is an ideal community for millennials in Fairfax, VA looking for an affordable, yet stylish, apartment.

The homes welcome four-legged friends and boast designer touches like wide-plank flooring and quartz countertops. The community includes a gym, outdoor BBQ, dog-wash, and resort-style pool. Overall, Wheelhouse’s stellar attention-to-detail makes the community feel like a home, not just a rental.

With 66 colleges within 50 miles, the closest being George Mason University, there is plenty of demand for nice apartments in Fairfax, Virginia. Wheelhouse wanted a way to stand out amongst the competition, to expand its online audience, and change “vacancy” to “no vacancy.”

Our results

Traffic increased
Number of keyword rankings increased
Google Ads Click through Rate (CTR) increased
Time on their Facebook page increased from
:05 to 2:10

Our digital marketing strategy brought Wheelhouse front and center for people searching for nice apartments—just like theirs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Increased number of new directory/local citation listings by 50+, ranked for 13 keywords in the top 20 position without branding, 2 with branding.

Google Ads (FKA AdWords): AdWords accounted for more than a third of their overall website traffic which positively affected keyword rankings as well, tracked number of people who visited the applied page, those who calls them, completed the contact form, and those who applied.

Paid Facebook Advertising: Determined that majority of people targeted were women ages 25-44, included general ads targeting new audiences and remarketing to target existing audiences from different platforms, generated about a quarter of the company’s traffic through Facebook on a monthly basis.

How we did it

Many contracts start with an online presence audit to look at how the website has been faring so far, but because their site was relatively new and quite small, we dove right in.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We honed in our keyword research to the Fairfax area in order to see what terms people were using to search for apartments, and which amenities they were looking for the most. This helped us craft better content and metadata, and brainstorm ongoing blog content. Because their product is locationally bound, local SEO played a big role here as well.

Google Ads (FKA AdWords): We started by reviewing the AdWords campaign put together by another agency – let’s just say it was lacking. Keeping historical successes in mind and utilizing our own in-house keyword research, we created a new campaign targeting people within 20 miles of Fairfax.

The new campaign had a broader reach, was more organized, and targeted with more precision. We set up conversion tracking to deliver data like the number of phone calls we generated and the number of people who clicked “Apply Now.”

Paid Facebook Advertising: Facebook is a great place to reach people in their 20s and early 30s. We set up remarketing and created fresh ads to target some fresh and friendly faces. We also took a close look at how users were interacting with the ads.

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