The New Face of Quora: A Fast & Fun Advertising Platform Emerges From the Formerly Mild-Mannered Site

You may remember Quora: a quiet, nerdy forum where people could pick one anothers’  brains about everything from the best programming language to use for a task to the identification of insects. It’s still a great place to ask these questions, but the website has expanded and improved into a quirky, fast-paced social media site, and an exciting new avenue for customer-facing ads.

Example of an older Quora Question:

quora question of spacetime can bend stretch and ripple could there be a possible tear in spacetime

Example of a modern Quora question:

quora question my 15-year-old daughter wants a brand new car, i told her we can't afford one

Using Quora as an Ad Platform

Quora’s New Popularity

Traffic more than doubled from 2017 to 2018, reaching a peak of approximately 90,000,000 sessions in August 2018. Users raced to the site via organic and social media traffic, wanting to know, “Did Manchester United ever get relegated from the EPL?” and “What order were the Kardashians born in?” Today, Quora ranks #1 in Google for more than 1,600,000 keywords. ( only ranks for 1,500,000.)

quora traffic over time 2012 to 2019

If you’re wondering where we’re getting this info from, it’s none other than SEMrush, our favorite tool for tracking clients’ keyword rankings as well as our own.

How Quora Ads Work

Ad copy appears in the feed just like on Facebook, encouraging users to browse ads along with the content. Each ad is subtly labeled as “Sponsored by ____” but follows a similar layout to the other questions. Clicking anywhere on the ad will take users to a landing page of the sponsor’s choice.

quora screenshot of nested ad between user questions

Who Should use Quora Advertising

As a social media site, Quora brings in a large audience wanting to be entertained. This makes Quora the perfect avenue to capture a consumer audience. Use Quora to advertise snacks, games, and side hustles to match the mentality of the site. With that in mind, you may find success by advertising other products and services with specific targeting.

How to Maximize Conversions on Quora

quora create lookalike audience

Quora makes it easy to build a campaign based on the demographic data you already know. If you’re just starting out and want to see what works best, start without an audience filter then hone your audience to whoever converts the most by selecting List Match. If you already have data to work with, select Lookalike and create your audience from data that’s proven to work.

Frame Your Quora Question

Everything on Quora, from the ads to the earnest user content, must be in the form of a question. When framing yours, consider what makes your brand unique. What problems do your products solve? What makes you stand out amongst the competition? Then log into Quora and ask the user base what they’re missing which you can deliver.

New: Quora Pixel

Sponsors can now install Quora Pixel for conversion tracking, just like with Facebook ads. Simply go to Pixels & Conversions > Setup Pixel, then add tracking to your site through Google Tag Manager. You can then see how many users click to call, email, sign up, and purchase items on your website.

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