SEO Audit Checklist: Investigate the Online Presence of Your Website

The term “SEO” is thrown around a lot in the digital marketing world. SEO is often used to discuss every aspect of a company’s online presence, on and off the website, as it pertains to  search engines. This includes the big, obvious things like writing product information and tagging your content in a way search […]

WordPress Tags and Categories FAQs

Many things are up for debate in the SEO world when it comes to WordPress tag and category best practice. This piece establishes the knowns and unknowns: what we know to be 100% the most fruitful use of WordPress tags and categories, and what’s still up in the air. It also breaks down the basic […]

Zero-Click Searches on the Rise: Google Searches Over Time

Zero-click searches are on the rise and have been for some time, recently clocking in at over 50% of searches on Google. So this is it; the end of search, again. We watch in despair as the holy grail, the click-through, the consumption of content, recedes further from our grasp. Or do we? We’ve heard […]

Google Analytics Filters: How To Block an IP Address

Learn to filter and block an IP address and test the Google Analytics IP Filter After installing Google Analytics on a website it’s important to take additional steps to ensure the quality of the data collected. This includes filtering traffic from internal IP addresses, addressing (not set) values in reporting, excluding bots/spam traffic, etc.  This […]

How to Customize SEO Titles on Product Page in Squarespace

How to optimize Squarespace SEO for product pages Creating a unique SEO title (aka meta title) for each product is possible in most Squarespace themes/templates, but it requires a workaround. Copy your product name to the body of the product description. Go to Design > Site Styles then deselect “Show Title.” You can now use […]