What The Facebook Crash Means for Your Online Advertising

On Wednesday, March 13th, Facebook and its properties suffered a massive outage for 10 hours. Users all over the world suffered from slow and limited website access. During the outage, Downdetector reported an average of 36,000 website loading issues per hour compared to the usual 1,600. While users complained about wonky site access, social media […]

Website Speed Test: Google Lighthouse Audit

As most of us in the SEO and digital marketing world know, a hefty weight is placed on website and page speeds. One of the most valuable tools for gauging the performance of a website is Google’s Lighthouse Auditing Tool. Version 3.0 of this tool was just released in May of 2018, and as it […]

3 Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Online real estate marketing is a fiercely competitive field as realtors fight for consumer attention. As a real estate agent, your digital marketing approach must be strategic and thorough in order to distinguish yourself from the competition. We recommend these steps to give your business an edge in the real estate sphere. Boost Your Real […]

Simple Cybersecurity Solutions for Small Businesses on a Budget

Low-Budget but Effective Cybersecurity Operating a business in the modern-day world can be intimidating when we are constantly challenged with navigating an internet inundated by ransomware, malware, phishing schemes, reputation attacks, and a mélange of other sinister schemes. Small businesses and organizations are especially vulnerable to these risks, as they are often working with finite […]

10 Important Lessons from the Localogy Conference

2018 Seattle Localogy Conference Notes The 2018 Seattle Localogy Conference brought in voices from Facebook, Microsoft, and SEO thought leaders to Microsoft’s Redmond campus to provide valuable insights into the modern digital marketing world. As the world transitions into the newest search tools and interfaces, their advice can make or break an SEO campaign. 1. […]