Simple Cybersecurity Solutions for Small Businesses on a Budget

Operating a business in the modern-day world can be intimidating when we are constantly challenged with navigating an internet inundated by ransomware, malware, phishing schemes, reputation attacks, and a mélange of other sinister schemes. Small businesses and organizations are especially vulnerable to these risks, as they are often working with finite budgets, limited technical knowledge, […]

10 Important Lessons from the Localogy Conference

The 2018 Seattle Localogy Conference brought in voices from Facebook, Microsoft, and SEO thought leaders to Microsoft’s Redmond campus to provide valuable insights into the modern digital marketing world. As the world transitions into the newest search tools and interfaces, their advice can make or break an SEO campaign. 1. Most business owners have never […]

Getting A Facebook Pixel To Work On Shopify

I may be an experienced and enthusiastic Google Tag Manager user, but when trying to resolve tracking issues on a Shopify site,I went through something similar to the five stages of grief. Google Tag Manager has been my go-to for installing analytics as well as Facebook and LinkedIn pixels. I’m not much of a coder, […]

The Beginning of Intellitonic

My goal with this article is to illustrate the philosophies behind our approach, and hopefully provide a useful resource for small teams, startups, and those curious about dipping their toes in entrepreneurial waters. This is an outline of a digital marketing agency which provides the foundation for a SaaS development team, bootstrapped and without outside […]

How to Optimize Site Speed

Getting Started Record and screenshot the current site performance in the following tools: PageSpeed Insights Click the download at the bottom of the page (The download link text is “Download optimized image, JavaScript, and CSS resources for this page.”) Optimizations are usually grouped into a few categories: Resizing and optimizing images Compression Caching Minification […]