B Corps: To B or Not to B

These days, simply doing business is not enough. In an era in which people value both transparency and accountability, how a company does business has become just as important as what type of goods or services they offer. For their part, more and more companies have worked an ethos of social responsibility and sustainability directly […]

Tips to Spotting a Facebook or Instagram Ad Scam

Most of us have been down this road before. You’re innocently scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, prideful in your immunity to advertising when WHAM, an ad catches your eye. “The perfect mood lighting for my windowless home office? 75% cheaper than what I would expect to pay?! Tell me more!” Occasionally these are legitimate offerings, […]

Website Migration: How we Migrate Websites while Maintaining and Strengthening SEO

A website migration is an excellent opportunity to perfect your SEO strategy and set the grounds for even stronger keyword rankings than before. The key elements of success are to ensure nothing is lost in the migration process, and any structural changes are done before the new website is launched. Browse our website migration checklist […]

Homepage Meta Title SEO: The Basics

Whether you’re starting your own website, or just the one responsible for making sure the company has the best visibility online, you’ll want to examine the opportunities you have to improve your website’s standings in the race for top placements on the search engine results page, or as we say at Intellitonic, first page or […]

Alt Text SEO Dos and Don’ts

The basic advice you’ll receive on writing alt text is to use natural language, and to describe what’s in the picture. Operating on this information alone, people new to SEO often fall into the same pitfalls, writing image descriptions that fail to target or engage the target audience. Here’s all you need to know to […]