Client Advertising on LinkedIn – A Cry for Improvement

LinkedIn is a valuable platform for advertising. It currently hosts more than 575 million users (topping Twitter and Reddit respectively) with steady growth year over year. Intellitonic has successfully utilized LinkedIn advertising to connect B2B services across a number of different verticals from industrial supplies to real estate, not to mention our own sales pipeline. […]

Why Sweepstakes are a Lead-Generating Secret Weapon

Plus four creative platforms for hosting your campaigns and how to run a sweepstakes without one! We think most people can agree, at one time or another, you’ve entered a sweepstakes. Perhaps you filled out a company survey trying to win a $100 Amazon gift card, or tagged three friends in a social post hoping […]

Get the Perfect Meta Description Length Every Time

You may have heard different numbers thrown around for meta description length — 145 characters, 155, 300…then the number gets even more skewed for meta titles. The truth is Google doesn’t measure meta titles and descriptions in characters. It measures in pixels. What will and won’t fit in your Google results is more precise than […]

What The Facebook Crash Means for Your Online Advertising

On Wednesday, March 13th, Facebook and its properties suffered a massive outage for 10 hours. Users all over the world suffered from slow and limited website access. During the outage, Downdetector reported an average of 36,000 website loading issues per hour compared to the usual 1,600. While users complained about wonky site access, social media […]

How to Use Google Lighthouse Website Audit

As most of us in the SEO and digital marketing world know, a hefty weight is placed on website and page speeds. One of the most valuable tools for gauging the performance of a website is Google’s Lighthouse Auditing Tool. Version 3.0 of this tool was just released in May of 2018, and as it […]