SEO How-To Hub

SEO can sometimes seem mysterious and somewhat daunting, but at its core, it’s the use of tools, strategies and best practices to maximize the performance of your website so the work you’ve put into building your business and brand is seen by the people who want and need to see it. SEO Essentials Boost Your […]

Where and How to Learn the SEO Basics

Digital Marketing, specifically SEO can be a difficult field to break into if you don’t have a website of your own to build and experiment with. To that end, I suggest any folks looking to get into digital marketing to build a website and practice on it as a live test of their skills. You […]

Google AdWords is Bidding on my Competitor’s Name (and I don’t want them to)

How to keep Google AdWords (aka Google Ads) from Bidding on Competitors’ Brand Names There is a lot of talk about whether to bid on competitor names in Google AdWords, but what if ads are appearing when you don’t want them to? The top reason to avoid targeting competitor names is your relationship with the […]

An SEO tutorial for Handling Shopify’s Duplicate Collections and Product Pages

April 26, 2021 Like any CMS, Shopify has quirks that occasionally work against SEO efforts. Common complaints include adding /pages/ to every main page, having 2 subdirectory levels for each blog post, and having duplicate “in-collection” urls for every product. While these are native features that aim to promote functionality across different themes and builds […]

B Corps: To B or Not to B

These days, simply doing business is not enough. In an era in which people value both transparency and accountability, how a company does business has become just as important as what type of goods or services they offer. For their part, more and more companies have worked an ethos of social responsibility and sustainability directly […]