Our SEO Strategy: Using short and long term SEO strategies to expand your online presence

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At Intellitonic, we understand that your business is unique, and so are your digital marketing needs. Our comprehensive, tailored approach to SEO ensures that we address each client’s specific goals, while also providing general coverage across all accounts. In this blog, we’ll take you through our process so you can understand how our expertise can elevate your business’ online presence.

Comprehensive Website Audit

Our journey with each client begins with an in-depth audit of their current SEO targeting and results. We’ll go through and analyze every digital aspect of your business such as critical errors (e.g., sitewide no-index, Google penalties), metadata, keyword rankings, traffic, backlinks, site speed and mobile usability. We’ll also review your content strategy and conduct keyword research to develop unique keyword targeting. Our immediate priority is to fix any critical issues like canonicalization, site security breaches and large quantities of 404 errors.

Adjusting SEO Content Strategy

After resolving any critical issues, we focus on adjusting the content strategy based on the top pages of the website. This involves updating metadata according to the SEO audit findings and creating additional page content to target untapped keywords. We also develop a blog page calendar to add additional keyword depth.

We understand the importance of local visibility, and create a personalized, local SEO strategy that includes revising localized landing pages and content.

Local SEO Strategy

General keyword targeting isn’t enough to boost your site’s visitors in a specific area, which is why we take a dual-pronged approach to SEO targeting. We understand the importance of local visibility, and create a personalized, local SEO strategy that includes revising localized landing pages and content. We update and improve copy and categories within Google Business Profile, create a “From the Business” section, add high-resolution photos, update relevant categories, services, and products, post new content, and respond to reviews. Additionally, we post FAQ content as questions and answers, and update other top-level directories.

Backlink and Citation Building

To further enhance your online presence, we create supporting citations on locally relevant websites or those relevant to your business model.

Long-Term SEO Strategy

Once the content and basic targeting are established, we work closely with our clients to improve their websites based on the audit findings. We update additional metadata and on-page content, create new pages and blogs, and explore backlink opportunities. This can be an ongoing process, with updates made in small batches to track efficacy and make adjustments for future strategy, while keeping costs down.

Monthly SEO Review and Strategy Updates

Intellitonic values transparency and collaboration. We generate campaign data pertinent to the client’s SEO and website performance every month and meet with the client to discuss the results. This allows us to fine-tune tactics for the next month or quarter, ensuring a dynamic and effective digital marketing strategy.


Intellitonic’s digital marketing expertise, combined with our tailored approach, enables businesses to unlock their full online potential. With our experienced team by your side, you can expect exceptional results that drive your business’s growth. Contact us today to learn more about how Intellitonic can help your business thrive in the digital world.