The New Face of Quora: A Fast & Fun Advertising Platform Emerges From the Formerly Mild-Mannered Site

You may remember Quora: a quiet, nerdy forum where people could pick one anothers’  brains about everything from the best programming language to use for a task to the identification of insects. It’s still a great place to ask these questions, but the website has expanded and improved into a quirky, fast-paced social media site, […]

What is a Social Influencer? How to Leverage Influencer Marketing

Social influencer marketing can be an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness, social media interaction and website exposure in a short period of time. In this article, we’ll dive into the nitty gritty of influencer marketing and cover the following topics:   What types of businesses can benefit from influencer marketing How can influencers and […]

Low and High Maintenance Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Social media is a wholesome way to reach out to customers. Some platforms can be set up and left alone while others benefit from consistent interaction. Social media maintenance can take anywhere from 1 hour per week to a full-time job. See how much you can take on. Social Media Platforms for your Business Sorted […]