Getting A Facebook Pixel To Work On Shopify

I may be an experienced and enthusiastic Google Tag Manager user, but when trying to resolve tracking issues on a Shopify site,I went through something similar to the five stages of grief.

Google Tag Manager has been my go-to for installing analytics as well as Facebook and LinkedIn pixels. I’m not much of a coder, but, Tag Manager makes the process simple and the tracking options limitless. I was continually impressed, that is until I started tinkering with Shopify.

I went through my normal onboarding/installation practices and found that things just weren’t tracking properly. My Facebook pixel wasn’t tracking events reliably and I had no idea why. On to the Google machine I went to try and find a solution.

The first thing I found? You can use Tag Manager with Shopify but not to install Facebook or Analytics. Cool. (You actually can, they just don’t guarantee it will work properly) Well, actually, ya, not too bad. Shopify provides tidy little boxes for both your analytics and Facebook pixels, you just have to make sure to clean up any messes you already created in Tag Manager.

So, everything is all cleaned up and I should now be able to track my Facebook events with no problem. I make sure my Facebook Pixel Helper is enabled and refresh my Shopify Product page, and…“No pixels found.” Great. Back to the Google machine.

Facebook Pixel Helper no pixels found on

This one took a little more searching, but lo and behold, you need to make sure any ad blockers are disabled, and voila!

successful Facebook Pixel setup on Shopify showing Facebook Pixel Helper One pixel found with correct pixel ID

I am now able to reliably use Facebook’s generic conversion tracking for purchases and my analytics tracking is working as it should.

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