How to: Link Google AdWords & Google Search Console

Linking your Google Ads (FKA AdWords) account to your Google Search Console (FKA Webmaster) is one of those things that should be easy. And it can be, given the right credentials.

If Google Ads & Google Search Console Account Owners Are the Same

Part 1: Request

  1. Log into Google Ads
  2. Go to “Linked Accounts”
  3. Select “Google Search Console”
Select Search Console in AdWords
Link Search Console to AdWords
    4. Add the URL of the site you want to link and click “CONTINUE”
Link new site to Google Adwords
    5. When successfully linked, it will look like below – if your AdWords and Google Search Console differ, continue 
link google ads to google search console

If AdWords & Google Search Console Account Owners Differ

  1. Follow the steps above
  2. The Google Search Console account owner should check their email inbox (this may take up to 60 minutes… ugh!)…
  3. Select “Approve”