Top ten tips for Google Local Service Ad (LSA) Success

Graphic with the words 'Top Ten Tips for Google Local Service Ad (LSA) Success" surrounded by red, yellow and blue abstract shapes

Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) are a new and exciting way to get your brand in front of qualified leads. Here are our top ten tips for seeing success with your LSAs:

  1. Take time building out your LSA Profile. When setting up your LSA profile, ensure the information matches closely with your Google Business Profile account. Upload high quality images, select all relevant job types, select the relevant service areas and more. 
  2. Keep your location targeting tight. Set your service area to target users within 20-100 miles of your business address. If you have multiple GBP listings, you should have multiple LSA accounts. When setting up multiple LSA accounts, ensure your boundaries don’t overlap.
    1. Pro Tip: You can exclude certain zip codes.
  3. Set custom hours. When building out your LSA profile make sure your business hours match your actual business hours. This ensures that when a lead reaches out, the chance of their call/message being answered is high. 
  4. When possible, avoid an automated answering system and set a dedicated phone line for answering incoming leads. Google values responsiveness in their advertisers. The more quickly you respond to a lead, the more likely Google is to send you more leads. 
    1. Pro tip: You can have a custom phone number in your LSA account that’s not the Google Business Profile account – great for having a human answer the phone on first ring! Call 1-650-260-5700, they send you an email authorizing your request, and it’s done!
  5. Respond to leads within 4 hours. LSAs are designed to quickly connect customers with service providers. The faster your response time, the more likely Google is to send leads your way. Aim for a response time of 4 hrs or less. A recent study has shown that leads are 100 times more likely to respond and 21 times more likely to convert when they are contacted within five minutes. 
  6. Respond to missed leads. If you missed a call, use the Google Local Services Ads app to call them back. 
  7. Pause your ads when you’re unavailable. If your office is closed, the team is on vacation or can’t accept new jobs, go to the Ads menu and pause your Ads. You can turn on leads again at any time. The LSA platform wants to make connections between you and potential clients – if you have long response times (like during a holiday weekend), Google will note your delayed response time and will send leads to your competitors. 
  8. Mark successfully booked leads as Booked in the dashboard. Marking leads as Booked indicates to Google that you’re getting the right sort of leads. When they know you’re getting the right sort of leads, they’ll send more your way.
  9. Annotate your leads in the dashboard. Like other Google Ads campaigns, logging into the LSA dashboard regularly and managing your leads indicates to Google that you are paying attention. When Google knows you’re paying attention, they are more likely to send potential leads your way.
  10. Download the Google Local Services Ads app. The LSA app makes it easy to monitor and respond to leads. You can answer client calls and messages, respond to reviews, annotate leads and monitor your progress directly in the app. 

We can take the guesswork out of LSAs and set you up for success. Reach out today to learn more!