The Ins and Outs of Nonprofit Content Marketing

When analyzing your nonprofit marketing campaign, what does your content marketing portray? Does it include your nonprofit’s message? Are corresponding visuals a part of your content?

Comic on cost of nonprofit marketing: I sent $20 to a nonprofit. Since then, they've spent $30 sending me junk mail solicitations. I want a refund. But You owe them $10!

Storytelling is Key for Nonprofit Content Marketing.

  • What story do you want to tell? When you have an engaging story to tell, others will listen. Your story should include every valuable detail of your nonprofit. What appeals to you, may also appear to your target market. Your content marketing can enhance from personal anecdotes. Give readers experiences they can relate to. This can increase recurring visits to your websites and blogs.
  • One of the best, if not the best aspects of nonprofit marketing is the motive behind it all. Take your nonprofit’s mission statement and dissect the elements of it. No matter if you are a nonprofit that is just beginning, or heading into your tenth year, the motivation your company has is what makes it so special. The timeline of your story can be a great format to use. Take the exciting beginning, flesh out the meaty middle part, and finish it off with a captivating ending. Use the special components of your story as highlights of your content.
  • Tell your story through marketing strategies and read some of our tools to help you unleash your ideas. Small, big, awkward, and indecisive ideas are all great starts. It is a-okay to return to the drawing board when putting your story all together. Social media is a very useful marketing strategy. Post updates relating to your content marketing’s story on your social media platforms. Getting the word out to your target market is an effective way your nonprofit’s content will be recognized.  
  • Don’t hesitate. Take those risks for the campaign with vulnerable content. The more expressive and detailed your story is, the more others will read.

Is your Nonprofit’s webpage a visual masterpiece?

  • Visuals are essential for your nonprofit’s webpage. These components will bring life to your content. I think visuals can make or break the content’s quality. You not only want to appeal to your target market, but provide them with an easy, pleasing content to view. Simplicity is a great way to start, but don’t shy away from innovation.
  • To increase the attention and give viewers a variety of elements, consider including infographics. Infographics are a great visual for readers to connect your text to an image. There are so many out there to choose from or get creative and make one yourself! A credible source to create your very own infographic is canva. Canva allows you to also create logos, flyers, calendars and a number of other visuals.
  • Photos, videos, and podcasts are excellent visuals that can personalize your webpage. Incorporating this interactive media aspect can also bring life to your content. These visuals are informative extras and can be used as illustrations in your nonprofit’s marketing. All social media platforms are visually pleasing with a form of imagery. This keeps your target market more engaged rather than staring at a block of text.  
  • Provide links and encourage interaction through your social media platforms. These icons are a great touch to your visual masterpiece. Add a simple color scheme that correlates with the theme of your campaign. Similar to images, the color scheme should be visually pleasing and appropriate. If your nonprofit’s target market is families, fun and bright colors are acceptable. Along with colors, you should give the layout and structure of your content some love. Simplicity is key. Your nonprofit content marketing will be more appealing with an easily navigated website.  
  • Finally, think about what will appeal to your target audience.

Is your content valuable? Does it appeal to your target market?

  • Your nonprofit marketing campaign will thrive with valuable content. The donors and audience you’re trying to attract are more likely to join your movement from motivating content. Meaningful marketing messages will add to your value. The more you emphasize your nonprofit benefits, the more your audience will listen. Revise your story and to include elements of value. This ties into the “meaningful” aspect of your nonprofit, involve empathetic areas of reference to your content.
  • Search engine optimization is beneficial to gaining more attention from your audience. If your nonprofit’s website is showing up in the top results of a google search that’s a great sign. Keyword search is another strategy that portray if your content is valuable. Depending on what your audience is interested in, blogs and social media platforms are areas to implement searchable words and/or phrases.
  • The content you present can become more valuable from personal references. Give your audience something they can relate to or empathize with. This relates to the story you’re telling. Consider the impact and value your audience will receive from the content. Your nonprofit content marketing can have a lasting impact on people. If the content includes grasping details and information, then your content becomes memorable.  
  • Content marketing can elevate your nonprofit’s marketing campaign from your entire team putting in equal effort.

Is your company ballin’ or on a budget?

  • According to the Content Marketing Institute, challenges for nonprofits are centered around financial circumstances. Two of the main problems that nonprofit marketers have in enhancing their content derives from the appropriate staffing and budget.
  • If you’re on a budget, research how your nonprofit can reinforce the content you’re putting out there. Look into which areas of your content need more emphasis and support. Allocate your budget to those key areas and your content will flourish. It may be difficult to decide which elements you should focus on, but think of what will attract your audience. This will give your nonprofit opportunity to shape your content with some assistance.    
  • If not, outsource. Outsourcing is a great service that your company can benefit from if you’ve got the funds for it. A lot of research has been done that reveals how much more flexibility companies receive from outsourcing.
  • Regardless, your company should look into the Google Ad Grants program. They provide qualifying nonprofits with a large grant for free Google AdWords advertising. Google AdWords is an effective way to strengthen your website’s traffic and appear more frequently to your audience. See our program for nonprofits.
  • Finally, Amazon Smile is very unique program that can help nonprofit marketing plans. This option is great to take advantage of, and look into for your company. Learn more about using Amazon Smile for nonprofits