What is SEMrush and How Can it be Used for Keyword Analysis?

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What is SEMrush? 

SEMrush is an online tool marketers can utilize to understand important aspects of how users find their website and valuable keyword analysis. Utilizing their organic research tool to analyze TAG NW’s web traffic (http://www.tagnw.org/), we can see the useful metrics SEMrush provides. 

SEMrush organizes the key search terms that can bring users to TAG NW’s website. These terms can be sorted by the number of times they are searched, the percentage of TAG NW’s traffic that results from these searches, and how many other websites result from that search term. Below, the terms have been sorted by volume. We see the terms that are most searched, related to the website in question.

SEMrush Review

Through a comprehensive SEMrush review, there are some places for improvement. The competition metric is a very important consideration for many users. However, SEMrush could provide more information about the competition. “Tag Womens” is the most competitive term for TAG NW, however the ad history does not display useful information about the ad competition for this term. However, a simple google search could serve as a replacement.

Making the interface smoother and more efficient would greatly improve this portion of the tool. Allowing users to quickly glance at ad competition in order to understand which terms conflict with unrelated websites or competitor websites. Additionally, the keyword trend graph does not offer much insight as to what time frame the traffic fluctuations occur. Understanding these changes can allow marketing to step up keyword use during critical times.

TAG NW Keyword Optimization

TAG NW can use the results from SEMrush to help improve their SEO. We can see that “alliance group” has a high search volume, is relatively easy to rank high (low KD), and relatively low competition (Com.). Utilizing this term could lead to a slight increase in web traffic from the term. By utilizing a SEMrush trial account, TAG NW can discover these opportunities and more. 

By again highlighting the terms that return the most traffic to TAG NW we see a very steep drop off. From 15% to .83% down to a negligible amount. The top terms: “tag”, “technology alliance group”, “technology alliance”, and “washington technology alliance” should be the main focus as they have already proven to be useful terms. Finally, SEMrush offers a peek at traffic patterns over time. With some interpretation TAG NW may be able to use keyword traffic to maximize the traffic to their website.

Keyword Traffic

With the tool we can also see the keywords traffic percentage to the website (Traffic %).Below, we see for example, despite being a very low volume search, “technology alliance group” provides 15% of the websites web traffic. These paramount metrics are very useful and provide important insights about a website’s traffic. However, the tool requires a lot of orientation, to combat this, SEMrush provides a tutorial option.

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