SEO and PPC Newsletter: Number One

Google Search Console logo

Intellitonic reviews a plethora of digital marketing news sources on a routine basis – we do this to not only to check that our internal strategies are up-to-date but to maintain our competitive edge against those of our peers in the SEO/SEM community. Below are a few noteworthy stories, either for our clients or for ourselves, from the last few weeks. This week the updates come from Search Engine Journal, and Search Engine Land, two of our favorite news resources for SEO and PPC.

(1) Improved Google Search Console Performance Reports

Google Search console, formerly Google Webmaster Tools, is a great platform for information pertaining to your Google Indexation status. Search Console also provides metrics pertinent to backlinks, keyword targeting, and sitemaps. Google will be providing a more robust version of their Search Analytics report, which gives web masters access to metrics pertaining to keyword rankings, impressions, and click-through rates. This new version will allow access to up to 16 months of data while the preceding report only allotted for 3 months of data.


(2) New Assignment Feature To Facebook Page Messages

Facebook appears to be adding functionality to their Business Pages. Page owners and admins can now assign team members who manage a page to follow up on specific messages/conversations within the platform. This will be great for businesses that have a lot of requests or questions that funnel through their Facebook pages, as prior versions have been difficult to track follow-ups.


(3) Google Page Speed Insights To Show Real Results

Until recently Google has simply run a website against a checklist of best practices to create the score results for their Page Speed Insights. With this update, they will check the site in real-time and grade according to the actual results of a crawl. This will give us a much more detailed, from-the-horses-mouth insight into the performance of page speed and usablity.


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