Siterunner: Digital Marketing Health Monitor

Siterunner digital marketing health software

At some point in your career as a Digital Marketer, you are going to run into losses of pertinent marketing data due to forces outside of your control. Your host is going to go down. A developer will turn off a plugin propagating your Google Tag Manager. Maybe a WordPress update will kill a few core landing pages, or perhaps your boss will try to “improve” on some of your work by editing your meticulously crafted meta titles. 

Recognizing that these errors have occurred and promptly fixing them is a crucial step in protecting your hard work. Sadly, many of these factors are not something the average person has time to check  daily. Frankly, to check them routinely would be overkill (at least for the average operation), but it’s still crucial to know when something goes south.

At the agency level, the logistics of making sure each website is up to snuff is exponentially more difficult and arguably more devastating. Marketers for hire often live or die by their analytics and conversion tracking. A loss of a few weeks or even days worth of data can end a contract and lose client trust.

How To Solve The Problem

Intellitonic’s team has been secretly working on a software option that monitors these crucial factors, so you don’t have to.

Siterunner was created to explicitly deal with the types of checks that a marketing professional should never need to spend time fretting over. There are many software options for checking the quality of your SEO targeting, but nothing focuses on safeguarding your SEO work and reporting at the cadence Siterunner does. This software is especially useful for agencies and organizations that monitor multiple domains. At that level, the amount of time it takes to manually check the full list of criteria for each website quickly becomes insurmountable without automation. 

So far, our basic checks include (but are not limited to):

  • SSL Certificate: Checks to see whether HTTPS is set up properly, which in addition to providing a level of security to user visits also benefits SEO. 
  • SPF Record: Verifies an SPF DNS record is in place, which is an anti-spam measure. used for email servers to indicate which hosts are authorized to send mail for a domain.
  • DKIM Record: Verifies an DKIM DNS record is present. Similar to SPF, DKIM is a DNS based anti-spam measure.
  • DMARC: Verifies a DMARC DNS record for a domain, which is a reporting protocol to improve feedback between email senders and receivers to monitor for fraudulent activity.
  • Blacklists: Checks if your website has been blacklisted by a search engine such as Google.
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) Code present: Determines if Google Tag Manager code is present in the website header. Google Tag Manager propagates other essential tracking codes, e.g. Facebook Pixel, Google Ads conversion tag, and Google Analytics. If this one goes down, so do most of your other tags.
  • Google Tag Manager Firing: Verifies that Google Tag Manager is sending and receiving information.
  • Google Analytics Firing: Checks if your Google Analytics account is properly set up to track website traffic.
  • Google Tag Manager Unpublished Tags: Alerts the user if they have unsaved changes to their Google Tag Manager.
  • Google Tag Manager Assistant Warnings: Forwards alerts from Google Tag Manager Assistant if a tag is not functioning properly.
  • Google Ads Billing: Notifies the user if a Google Ads campaign is paused due to a payment issue.
  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking: Checks if sales conversions are being tracked and counted for Google Ads reporting.
  • Billing Tracking: Alerts the users if ads have been paused on an online platform such as Facebook or LinkedIn due to a payment issue.
  • SEO Duplicate Content Detection: Detect other independent URLs/domains hosting the same content (could negatively affect SEO score).

We are excited to announce that Siterunner is currently deployed for Intellitonic clients, and a release date is fast approaching. Be sure to follow us on social media, and check  our blog for updates on a release date, new checks, case studies, and reviews for Siterunner.