How to Customize SEO Titles on Product Page in Squarespace

How to optimize Squarespace SEO for product pages Creating a unique SEO title (aka meta title) for each product is possible in most Squarespace themes/templates, but it requires a workaround. Copy your product name to the body of the product description. Go to Design > Site Styles then deselect “Show Title.” You can now use […]

Basic Local SEO Tips for Your Google My Business Page

Local SEO has a number of tasks that need attention at the onset of your campaign in order to prevent future busy work. Chief among the tasks is reviewing the consistency of your pertinent business information in Google My Business/Maps. Google My Business and other prominent directories are often scraped and crawled by other services […]

How to Get the Perfect SEO Description Length

You may have heard different numbers thrown around for meta description length — 145 characters, 155, 300…then the number gets even more skewed for meta titles. The truth is Google doesn’t measure meta titles and descriptions in characters. It measures in pixels. What will and won’t fit in your Google results is more precise than […]

Top 10 Tactics to Improve Your Online Presence

There is more to digital marketing than SEO. Everything on and around your website contributes to a well-rounded web presence. We divided the whole of digital marketing into 10 avenues, each of which are vital in its own way. Browse to see how you can improve the online presence of your company. Boost Your Online […]