How to Customize SEO Titles on Product Page in Squarespace

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How to optimize Squarespace SEO for product pages

Creating a unique SEO title (aka meta title) for each product is possible in most Squarespace themes/templates, but it requires a workaround.  Follow these steps to optimize your product pages and maximize engagement and conversions.

  • Copy your product name to the body of the product description.
move Squarespace product name to body to make SEO title
  • Go to Design > Site Styles and deselect “Show Title.” You can now use the space intended for the product name to type your SEO title instead.
deselect show title in squarespace options to add SEO title
  • Go to Marketing > SEO and click the “Items” tab. 
  • Change the SEO title format to %i.
change SEO title format in Squarespace to add SEO titles to product pages
  • Go back to the product page and enter your SEO title in the “product name” field. This title will now function as the webpage’s meta title tag.
add seo title instead of product name in squarespace step by step

Why should you customize yourSEO title and meta description for product pages?

Most commerce websites contain 5 pages or fewer in the basic navigation: Home, About, Contact, and maybe an FAQ. However, most sites sell dozens, if not hundreds of products. When a product page is targeted to customers hunting a specific item using pinpointed keywords, the chances of that page appearing in the top results increases significantly. This means there may be hundreds of pages ranked at the top of Google, rather than only a few ranking moderately. This also means more customers clicking to your website, finding what they need, and making a purchase. 

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Squarespace makes it easy to maintain a website. It has dozens of ready-made features that take seconds to make yet look professional and immaculate. However, it’s tricky to do anything custom, and that includes the core ingredients of SEO. 

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