Intellitonic Founders Give Back to Bellingham via Local Board Involvement

intellitonic digital marketing founders in bellingham wa pose for a photo.

Joining a nonprofit board can be a great way to network and give back to your local community or industry of interest. All three of the Intellitonic founders – Alex Bruner, Courtney Rambo, and Jared Keller, hold seats on local nonprofit boards.

Both Courtney and Jared found their boards through The Whatcom Community Foundation’s Board Match Program.

Learn more about the boards they serve on and why they chose them below.

Bellingham NonProfits We Support

Sustainable Connections

Sustainable Connections partners with local businesses, government agencies, community members, and other nonprofits to create and implement impactful strategies for Whatcom community to thrive. For them, “thriving” means a clean environment, growing businesses that offer quality jobs, and a happier, healthier community. Their programs include Think Local First, Food & Farming, Green Building & Smart Growth, Energy Efficiencies & Renewables, and Toward Zero Waste. 

Jared Keller was interested in joining a board to contribute to the healthy growth of the community we live in;  Sustainable Connections seemed like a natural fit. “Interacting with other community members from diverse backgrounds who are invested in sustainable communities has been the most enjoyable and inspiring part of it all,” he said.

Cloud Mountain Farms

Cloud Mountain Farms enriches the local market with a wide variety of healthy produce. Their farm, orchard, and nursery allow them to experiment with new varieties and educate everyone from home gardeners to aspiring farmers to commercial producers.  

You can find their produce at local Bellingham restaurants, The Bellingham Farmers Market, and via the Puget Sound Food Hub.

“Access to healthy and local organic foods are what attracted me to Cloud Mountain,” said Courtney Rambo. 

“After I walked around the farm with then Executive Director, Tom Thornton, I knew it was an organization I wanted to dedicate time to. The farm was vastly different from my day-to-day work, employed passionate and hardworking people, and it was beautiful.” 

Oddly enough, Sustainable Connections accepted Cloud Mountain into their fold as an extension of their Food and Farming Program. This made both Courtney and Jared part of the existing Sustainable Connections board.

Northwest Youth Services & Sylvia Center for the Arts

Alex Bruner was interested in both Northwest Youth Services (NWYS) and Sylvia Center after the founders made the decision to make Bellingham the companies’ base of operations. He knew both organizations would provide a direct tie into numerous Bellingham communities. Alex is interested in providing support to organizations whose mission statements are tied to creating new opportunities within Whatcom County. Northwest Youth Services was a compelling choice because they do great work in housing youth who would otherwise be homeless, and Sylvia Center provides one of the only community outlets for a myriad of artistic disciplines in Whatcom. 

Alex knew these would be a good fit.“I enjoy seeing the direct results of board work for both organizations, as well as the sense of camaraderie in working together with people of different skill sets and backgrounds in the board setting.”

Northwest Youth Services logo

Northwest Youth Services (NWYS)

Northwest Youth Services serves people ages 13 to 24 experiencing homelessness in Whatcom and Skagit Counties. Northwest Youth Services offers housing (short and long term), street outreach, and connections to mental health services. In addition to immediate services like housing, NWYS provides youth with support in job search, school enrollment, and LGBTQ programs. Overall, their support services help youth build skills to become independently stable.

Sylvia Center logo

Sylvia Center for The Arts, Formerly Known as The Idiom Theater

Interested in performing arts both classic and wildly creative? Look no further than Sylvia Center for The Arts. They provide affordable space for rehearsals, teachings, and performances for people interested in locally-created music, theater, and dance.


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