What Majestic Can Tell You About Your Website’s Backlinks

Majestic and Backlinks

Majestic can be a fantastic tool to improve your SEO by using their data on backlinks, trust flow, and referring domains to plan your strategy and better understand your competitive sphere. Backlinks, for the uninitiated are simply the links to your site that exist on other sites. These links are important to your overall SEO presence because they A: Provide users with direct access to your website, and B: Provide Google with a reference that shows your validity. Majestic will help you and your team understand how Google and other search engines perceive your site from the perspective of backlink strength.  We will be using TAG NW as our example to analyze the data Majestic provides.

Referring Domains

In the screenshot here, you can see sites that link users to TAG NW. The list is sorted by the number of backlinks.

backlinks in Majestic with default sorting

The tool also provides a topic categorization for the referring domain under “Primary Topical Trust Flow”. This allows you and other users to see what topic the links come from and what traffic it provides. Reviewing your backlinks individually gives you a chance to see specifically what con tent is linking to yours. This is valuable both for determining what content users have found valuable, and what they say about it. In more advanced instances you can also use this to determine if there are any spammy links that need to be reported to Google coming to your site.

backlink referring domains in Majestic sorted by Alexa rank

In this second screenshot you see a different set of referring domains. These sites are sorted by their “Alexa Rank” which ranks all websites based on a popularity metric. In general the sheer volume of referring domains that point to yours shows your sites strength vs the competition. Reviewing the referring domains provides you a good idea of who among your business allies have provided you digital benefit.

What is Trust Flow?

One concern for first time users of the Majestic product is the Citation Flow and Trust Flow metrics. The website provides a brief explanation of how they are calculated. The metric is proprietary so the explanation is not totally transparent. This makes it difficult for any novice digital marketer to understand the metrics by simply looking at them. An extra understanding of how these metrics can be used would greatly benefit any SEO looking to harness the tool.

How to Benefit From Backlink, Domain, and Trust Flow Data

For TAG NW the tool reveals a few key suggestions to improve the company’s marketing. The vast majority of TAG’s backlinks come from a single domain, Bellingham Politics and Economics. This appears to simply be a blog site but links to TAG an incredible 761 times. The important aspect of this observation is the worth of each backlink. Simply having 761 backlinks is not as important as being linked by a site with many backlinks to it. More referring domains the better. By using Majestic’s New tool, we can see a spike in early October. Further analysis shows that Bellingham Politics and Economics linked to TAG 105 times.

backlink flow in Majestic

TAG is also linked by Agile Ticketing. This domain is ranked very highly with the Alexa ranking. This makes any backlinks from the domain extremely valuable and securing any more backlinks could provide tremendous benefit for SEO.

How to Use Majestic to your Advantage

The best course for TAG NW to take based on this data would be to encourage partners to link back to them. TAG has a vast network in the Pacific Northwest and ensuring all their partners refer back to them will always provide a great boost. Additionally, TAG may be able to use this tool to analyze their partners backlinks and maximize their network by being referred by site with many referring domains themselves. Finally, TAG can use the topic flow tool on the site to diversify their backlinks. By gathering an understand of what topics link to their sight, they can focus on gathering links from other topics to broaden their audience. They can also use this to focus their backlinks on a certain topic.

Next Steps

In closing I’ve prepared a few great links that TAG could obtain to help gain additional clout with the search engines.

Technology Alliance

This is a great website for TAG NW to link with. They are driven by very similar search terms. A great way to gain a backlink from them would be to offer one in return. This way both companies gain a new unique backlink. The website has reports about the technology climate in Washington and to be feature on this would be incredibly useful.

CTA Group

Is another site with very similar search terms. This site has a blog page, offering a blog post to be cross posted to their website could provide them with unique content and provide TAG with a backlink.

IT Alliance

A third company in direct search competition with TAG. TAG could seek to become a part of The Information Technology Alliance network to provide them with traffic, and gain some of their own.

See how to improve your backlinks and what makes it important to SEO and website traffic.