Working With a Digital Marketing Agency – How to Make the Most it

Working with a digital marketing agency is a great way to focus on your business while taking advantage of dedicated experts in the field. Working together can help you identify new tactics and exponentially grow your business. Make the most of your engagement together by setting clear expectations and ongoing communications.

Determine your goals

Whether you’re a small company looking for a leg up with experts, or a large one looking to save on costs of hiring internally, it’s important to determine your digital marketing goals. Figure out what success looks like to you and be able to clearly and succinctly describe that to any agency. These will be the metrics they will try and help you move.

Hire the right agency

Finding the right agency is not an easy task. Start by determining what is important to you. Do you want an agency that is local and where you can meet face to face? Do you want an agency that is an expert in your field, one with great case studies and results? Or do you want one that can do it all in-house? Regardless, it’s important to find a group of people who you like working with.

Meet with the agency and be sure to ask at least some basic questions: 

  • Have you worked with organizations like [insert your company]?
  • Do you have any results to share?
  • Who would my main point of contact be?
  • How frequently do you share reporting? 
  • How often would we meet? 
  • What do your services include and not include? 
  • What are your rates?

There are lots of different agencies out there so don’t be afraid to interview a few that look interesting to you.

Ask your account manager questions

This may seem silly, but don’t be afraid to ask questions! You hired the agency for a reason. They can do their work better knowing that you understand what it is they’re doing. This allows you both to optimize your time together.

On another note, remember that digital marketing is a tangled web of ever-evolving strategies. Your agency may not have the answer right away, but they should do their best to get to the bottom of it ASAP!

Read the reports & show up to meetings

An engaged client is a good client. The agency took the time to sift through your data and put the report together to (hopefully) tweak the ongoing strategy. If you see something that doesn’t look right, is surprising, interesting, etc., say something! It will only make your long-term results better. Frequent meetings (monthly meetings are the most common time-frame as it allows time for data and comparisons) are important for strategy shifts (afterall, a marketing plan is only a plan) so be sure to make them a top priority.

Additionally, the reports should speak to the goals you identified initially. It may take a few tries to find a sweet spot between what they provide and what you’re looking for to best understand the results.

Share relevant updates frequently

If you’re changing URLs, launching a new campaign, focused on a particular product or service, or something else that seems relevant to the work you’re doing together, tell the agency. Meetings are a great time for this but it’s likely other things will pop-up in the meantime. Shoot them an email or leave them a voicemail.

Trust the agency!

Yes, it’s important to ask questions and share frequent updates, but it’s also equally important to trust the agency you hired. We certainly encourage brainstorming strategy shifts together as needed, but be sure to allow time for data to come in. This could be anywhere between a few days to a few months, depending on the marketing avenue. 

Interested in interviewing an agency? Contact our team to set up a meeting, and see if we’re a good fit!