2017 Marketing Plan By and For a Marketing Company

We are a digital marketing firm. We believe in the services that we provide and want to ensure that we are using them to the best of our ability. This includes a 2017 marketing plan to follow for the next 11 months.

We have constraints just like any other business. We are a relatively new outfit, have a small team, a small budget, and an incredibly small amount of time. However, working within constraints means each of us has our paws in some kind of marketing effort, which really means we have to collaborate and communicate well.

To do this, we created a 2017 Marketing Plan, complete with goals and agreed upon marketing tactics to complete those goals. Because of our constraints, we didn’t utilize every digital marketing tactic available, but instead came up with the best marketing mix for our small business.

We have a living document on our shared network that we review at our weekly meetings. Together, we discuss what is being done, if we’re getting the results we expected and want, what isn’t being done, why, and how we should move forward. In essence, we’ve created a marketing action plan. Our team knows that the plan will likely change with iterations and amendments, but the plan will serve as a tool for communication, review, foresight, and collaboration. Best of all, it will help drive our 2018 efforts (omg, we’re already thinking about next year).

Intellitonic’s 2017 Marketing Plan

All of our specific goals and everyday actions speak to our Overall 2017 Goal. When curating our respective to do lists, we ask “Does this align with our overall goals?” During our weekly meetings, we ask, “Is our goal still relevant? Is it time to change our goal and why?” Below is a snapshot of what our campaign plan looks like:

Overall 2017 Goal: Increase our client base (while maintaining the level of service we provide)

Specific 2017 Marketing Objective: Make our sales funnel inbound

Half of budget spent on paid social media, 40% spent on search engine marketing, 10% spent on email marketing30% of time spent on blogs, 20% spent on paid social media, 15% spent on SEM, 10% each spent on SEO and organic social media, 5% each spent on email, press releases, and endorsements and/or reviews

Examples of Marketing Strategies

Below are a few of the ways we aim to complete our marketing goals:

  • We already use Google AdWords. This year we will include Microsoft Bing in our own marketing efforts, which will increase our time and budget on SEM. From our experience, Bing allows for a lot more traffic for a lot less money. Tools like AdWords and Bing Ad Center are a great way to bring in fresh new clients who may have never heard of us before. SEM is a killer combination with SEO, another great tool we will rely on to bring in fresh clients.
  • We have two press releases planned for 2017: one for our one-year anniversary and another for when we get our first office space. But we’re always open for more.
  • Content is king so we’re going big league with our blog posts this year, aiming to post at least one a week. That said, contact us if you have any interest in guest blogging…
  • Word of mouth is immeasurably important. We want to gently poke our existing clientele to drop our names a bit via our kudos page.
  • Our team also plans to hit social media hard with paid and organic efforts to help grow our audience base.
  • Finally, we’re going to get a simple email newsletter going. The newsletter will not be time-bound e.g. weekly, quarterly, etc., but bound by newsworthy content and updates. When we have enough juicy pieces of information, but not too much, we will send our audience a simple, easy, and quick-to-read, newsletter.

This is just a sample of what our 2017 marketing plan looks like. What’s your business goal for 2017? What does your marketing campaign plan look like?