Web Accessibliity: Collaborative Product Development

How we Created an Innovative Accessibility Product to Bridge Disability Gaps

We’ve been busy behind the scenes to create a new web accessibilty service in collaboration with a local business that specializes in disability inclusion consulting and ADA web compliance accessibility. We were so excited to discover this firm and knew right away that we could make a great collaborative team. 

Together, we’ve created a collaborative web audit package to offer our clients who want to improve their online presence via supercharged SEO and optimized UX for people in the disability community.

We’re passionate about reshaping the digital landscape to create accessibility for all and so we’re super excited to present this product to our current and prospective clients! 

Allies in Disability Accessibility

In the summer of 2022, Wandke Consulting reached out to Intellitonic to gauge interest in partaking in a training for disability pride month. Intellitonic has been taking diversity, equity and inclusion work seriously and, and as a training that helped educate on accessibility issues for more than 15% of the population this offering felt right in line with Intellitonic’s mission and values. This traiing was eye opening to the team, revealing a lack of representation and action taken on the intersectional issue of disability and web accessibility in particular.

After the team attended the Disability Pride Month presentation by Wandke Consulting, the entire team’s interest was piqued. In our process we had run across numerous individual tactics that could benefit folks with color blindness, or who required text to speech browsers, but typically our knowledge of accessibility only extended to image descriptions and alt text; we hadn’t fully delved into the design and usability issues that affect experience for the 1.3 billion people within the disability community.  

We became our own first case study in soliciting Wandkes audit services for reviewing our own website from the lens of accessibility. It became apparent that not only were there dozens of fixes we needed to make for our website; there were also comparable improvements to be made by our clients on their properties.

Coupling our socially conscious clients with an avenue to better serve their communities while improving digital marketing at a core level seemed an incredible opportunity; so we joined forces to make it happen.

And now, presenting…

Our new web accessibility audit service helps create equity and increase access to valuable information for all users. We feel like this quote from Daman at Wandke Consulting says it all: “In our work, we’ve discovered that accessible design is good design. Accessible design is universal and creates opportunity for more people to connect and collaborate in the digital space.”

We’re so proud to be living our core values by partnering with Wandke Consulting to elevate the digital landscape by making it more accessible for all.