Digital Marketing and Company Culture Goals for 2020

What began as a joint venture between 3 ambitious marketing managers in 2016 has grown into a full- fledged, digital agency with clients across the country (and 1 in Canada). We took the end of our third full year in business as a chance to reflect and set goals for the coming 2020 year. 

Looking back at 2019

Our agency has grown by several team members, now 10 full-time employees (+8 dogs). We are so proud we could blush. Here’s a few highlights that come to mind:

  • We had our first company retreat traipsing through the coastal community of Port Townsend before hunkering down at Fort Worden in, what is, 100% certainty, a haunted officers quarters.
Intellitonic digital marketing team achieving cultural goal of company retreat, posing for company photo
The team coming together at Fort Worden
  • Intellitonic was covered in 2 local publications highlighting our mission statement and new digital marketing e-book: Whatcom Talk and Cascadia weekly.
  • We introduced a company-matching 401(k) and health benefits to take better care of our employees.
  • We hosted a red carpet event at Pickford Film Center who showed our ad through the winter.
Intellitonic slide show at at Pickford Film Center
Our ad as seen at Pickford Film Center
  • To get started on our 2020 goals, the 3 founders underwent an intensive Executive Operating System (EOS) consult and coaching with Tom Doll. For those of you who aren’t familiar, EOS is a system for owners and managers to more effectively organize their goals, meetings, and communications. It was great for us to help confirm good habits we’d developed, and raise some areas of improvement around our organizational habits and responsibilities by team. This comes highly recommended from the Intellitonic leadership team.

Moving into 2020

Moving into the new year, we have several key areas of interest that we intend to invest time and energy into, as a business, as owners, and as members of the Whatcom community. These are our 3 big goals for 2020:

  • Launch our Siterunner software. This project is predicated on a core Intellitonic value: Ensuring quality of reporting and continuity of client web marketing health. Siterunner safeguards against data loss, server outages, loss of analytics data, and generally ensures that clients are enjoying the full benefits of an optimized web presence.
Siterunner SEO health software branding
The branding for Siterunner, our new website health-monitoring software
  • Pursue B-Corp status. This will allow us to slap an official seal on our continued pursuit to balance purpose and profit. We live in a green-minded, sustainably focused community and we want to do our best to do the same as a business.
  • Continue to devote time and resources to local nonprofits. Our business since inception has placed a heavy focus on supporting the local community, including sponsorships, donations, volunteer work, and holding board positions. This year, we intend to give back in a new way, by enhancing and helping distribute information pertinent to fundraisers, volunteer events, and news from local 501(c)(3) nonprofits. Check out Bellingham Nonprofits where we will be hosting information for any nonprofits interested in help getting the word out.
2019 Christmas Party with full 2019 Intellitonic team and dogs

Thank you to all of our friends and family who have supported us, we are incredibly excited for continued growth in 2020!