How Intellitonic Handles a PNW Winter

women standing in the pacific northwest winter rain

The Rainy Season

“Doesn’t it rain a lot there?”

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you have inevitably been asked this question by an outsider. This area of the country is known for its beautiful mountains, rugged coastline, excellent cuisine, unlimited breweries, and rain. Bellingham, WA receives an average annual rainfall of 34.84 inches, falling just short of Seattle (37.49 inches) and Portland (36.03 inches). Our winters are by far the wettest months, with the coastline creating temperate conditions in town. This means we don’t get much snow down low, and that a rain jacket is an almost daily necessity.

What To Do in Bellingham in The Winter

There are two major options when it comes to dealing with the rain here in the winter. You can cozy up indoors: grab a drink at one of downtown’s lovely cocktail bars, read a new book at a local coffee shop, catch an indie movie at the Pickford, and the like, or you can grab the rain boots and a good hat, and head outside to deal with the elements: walk around Lake Padden, mountain bike at Galbraith, or head up to Mt. Baker. 

Regardless of the choices, it can take some mental acclimation if you’re new to town. We made a list of our favorite ways to enjoy the winter, and how we keep the soggy weather from getting us down. 

Lauren: “Hit Mt. Baker on the weekends, hot yoga classes during the week, and plan one big tropical destination trip each winter to look forward to.”

Jared: “Embrace not feeling guilty for staying in.” 

Courtney: “Spend extra time on the weekends to go for long walks or hikes. Be sure to open the windows and let natural light in as much as possible.” 

Blake: “Force yourself out in the conditions. If it’s raining, just put on the gear and get in nature.” 

Marin: “Go for more walks and take in all the seasonal sights. I love the chilly air and the frost on the ground in the morning.” 

Alex: “Read more! I’ve read 12 books so far, not including comics.”

Spencer: “Try to keep the same schedule as in the summer. Make sure you keep getting up at a normal time and get outside while it‘s light. It is too easy to never see light for days at a time.”

Clint: “Slow down, and do less. Appreciate the time to do this.”

Frank: “Embracing the overcast skies and investing in good, breathable rain gear will ensure you are able to keep enjoying the solitude of the outdoors here year round. And max out the Vitamin D!”


Yes, It does rain a lot here. You get used to it, and you learn to love the beautiful ecosystem, culture, and community that it creates. See you out there! #PNW4LIFE