How Often Should You Blog, Anyway?

We make a point of meeting with our clients on a monthly basis, not only to review our work and metrics over time but to catch up with the client e.g. new products and services, upcoming events, exciting news and developments, etc, etc. My most frequent response is, “So, did you blog about it?”

Blogs are a great way to tell stories about your company from a cultural point of view. Your blog content doesn’t have to be stale, or just informative. Try mixing in different types of content, posting at different times, and bringing in guest bloggers every once in a while.

How Often Should You Post Blogs

There is no one-size-fits-all answer blog posting frequency. How often to blog really depends on how often you have quality content to blog about – don’t blog just for the sake of blogging.

That said, we turned up the volume with one client from 1 to 4 blogs per month causing their overall traffic increase by 50%. Traffic increased due to a number of factors:

website traffic over time graph september to december

  • SEO: More targeted content means more content for Google to index.
  • Social media: Posting quality blogs to social media channels increases activity on these sites.
  • Paid social media: Boosting posts helps people outside of your existing social media audiences see them, too.
  • Paid search: Targeting customers by searches generates additional tracking and improves your keyword rankings.
  • Network: Guest writers and referrals bring in traffic from their associated interest groups.

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Unique Blog Ideas & Topics

“Let’s give ‘em something’ to blog about!”

The answer to how to be a successful blogger is to deliver enticing content that compels people to take action. This may mean encouraging readers to contact you for more information, or urging your audience to return for more content. Try fleshing out some of the ideas below:

  • New products or service launches
  • Commentary on industry trends and news
  • Local and industry-specific events
  • Vendor collaborations and shout-outs
  • Product and vendor reviews
  • Troubleshooting experiences and how-to’s
  • Relevant, high-traffic topics from the Google Keyword Planner

How to write blog posts more often

It can be tough for one person to handle all of the blogs for one website. Involving more writers not only shifts the burden, it also brings new perspectives and expertise to the platform. Keep the blog flowing by adding new writers to the team.

  • Recruit your coworkers – Ask people to cover topics they’ve worked on personally at the company.
  • Find guest bloggers – Other companies are on the hunt for backlinks. Invite them to write a blog in exchange for a link to their site.
  • Hire a content writer – Hiring an outside person ensures the work will get done, plus an outside perspective can be refreshing and illuminating.
  • Consider bringing on an intern – Business, marketing, and journalism students at your local university are on the lookout for gigs to add to their resumes.

However you choose to get more blog posts live on your site, make it happen. Blogs are a great conduit to increasing traffic organically and socially. That said, it’s important to post content relevant to your audience. Not sure what’s relevant? Check Google Analytics to see which blogs keep readers on the sight the longest. Ready, set, blog!